Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Adult WolvesPrimary4VillagerThe Power of Wolf King
Better AntidotePrimary6ApothecaryVulnerary
Brigand Head WantedElite8AuctioneerThe Punishment on the Bandits
Exterminate the BanditsPrimary6BlacksmithThe Roving BanditsThe Punishment on the Bandits
Jackal Wolf on the CampoPrimary6Hunter
Letters to Ascetic FuhuPrimarySolitary GhostRepent and Be SavedProtect Golden Cicada
Looking for the Injured PandaPrimary10ApothecaryKindness
Meet New Friend (First)PrimaryAuctioneer
Meet New Friend (Second)PrimaryAuctioneer
Meet New Friend (Third)PrimaryAuctioneer
Oral Message from Iron Arms LeePrimary20Iron Arms LeeInformation from Iron Arms LeeSky Village Protector
Protect Golden CicadaPrimaryGolden CicadaLetters to Ascetic FuhuThe Appointment in Belvedere
Sky Village CrisisReputationReputation Merchant
Strength of White EagleRepeatable5-40White Eagle
The Breath of Evil GhostPrimaryHunter
The End of the Evil GhostElite8HunterThe Last Battle
The Fatal ArrowsPrimary7Blacksmith
The Last BattlePrimary8HunterThe End of the Evil Ghost
The Lost GoodsPrimary8Auctioneer
The Power of Wolf KingElite4VillagerAdult WolvesVillagers' Food
The Punishment on the BanditsPrimary7BlacksmithExterminate the BanditsBrigand Head Wanted
The Roving BanditsPrimary6BlacksmithExterminate the Bandits
The Speedy Flying SnakesPrimary7Hunter
The Spread of the PestilencePrimary5HunterThe Truant Apparition
The Truant ApparitionPrimary6HunterThe Spread of the Pestilence
Villagers' FoodPrimary4VillagerThe Power of Wolf King
Villagers' InflammationPrimary7Sad Villager
VulneraryPrimary6ApothecaryBetter Antidote
Wishes from Sir DisasterRepeatableLittle Monk

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