Sky Village Protector
Sky Village Protector map
Vital statistics
Giver Ascetic Fuhu
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Brigand Head
Kill Elite Wolf King
Kill Bandit Vice Head
Kill Horrible Demon Ghost
Level 20
Location Stone City
Rewards 4960 Experience
2480 Energy
15 Silver 36 Coin
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Next: Oral Message from Ascetic Fuhu

It's really hard to find a person, who cares so much about normal person. If you are really sent by Iron Arms Lee, could you please do me a favour?

Ascetic Fuhu

Quest DescriptionEdit

Show your position to Ascetic Fuhu, kill the evils around Sky Village.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

It's like as easy as turning your hands over to beat those evils around.

Ask DialogueEdit

Be quick please!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

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