Silver Needle (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Muscle-man Wei
Type Primary
Requirements Silver Needle Silver Needle *20
Level 42
Location Whorl Village
Rewards 11000 Experience
5500 Energy
33 Silver 60 Coin
Previous: Hollow Masked Heister (quest)

Hollow Masked Heisters are using silver needles to control other animals. Once life-form were stabbed, they will lost their own consciousness. So they become the puppets of Hollow Masked Heister. We need some Silver Needle to do some research. <Player name>, will you help us to take the adventure?

Muscle-man Wei

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Muscle-man Wei to get some Silver Needles from Hollow Masked Heisters.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You take care. Don't be stabbed by their Silver Needles.

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

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