Signed item

Signed item

Signatures can be added to Defensive gear, Rings and Amulets that are level 20 or above. A signature adds 10 points of vitality. Getting a piece signed is free.

How to SignEdit

Visit Ascetic Fuhu and choose the Signature option in the dialogue box.

  • Drag the item to be signed into the slot in the Signature interface.
  • Click on the Signature button.

Each piece of signed equipment cannot be traded, auctioned, sold in a stall, mailed, deleted, or used as a fortune item until the signature has been removed.

How to RemoveEdit

Visit Ascetic Fuhu and choose the Remove Signature option in the dialogue box.

Removal of the signature takes 48 hours. During this period, pieces can be taken back to Ascetic Fuhu to restore the signature.

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