Set a Trap
Vital statistics
Giver Strange Machine Man
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Elite Peach Ghost *5
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 7700 Experience
3850 Energy
23 Silver 10 Coin
Previous: Worry of Machine Man

The five leaders who make machines under Fly Dragon Nun scatter all over the Laurel Mountain any live among the ordinary monsters. We must first find them out and kill them if we want to beat machine monsters thoroughly.

Strange Machine Man

Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to wipe out the monster leaders according to the strange machine man.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those leaders are not ordinary evil, you'd better ask some people to go with you.

Ask DialogueEdit

Why are you still here? Have you met with difficulty?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

It's unexpected that those horrible monster leaders were all wiped out by you.

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