Send the Medicine
Vital statistics
Giver Buddhist Novice Shan
Type Primary
Requirements New Prescription Medicine New Prescription Medicine * 1
Level 3
Location Green Scarp
Rewards 245 Energy
490 Experience
1 Silver 47 Coin
Previous: Collect the Spring Water
Next: Exterminate the Blood Eidolons

<Player name>, the medicine is completed with your help. You contributed a lot. Please give it to Old Nanmu with your own hand.

Buddhist Novice Shan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Send the liquid medicine that was made by Buddhist Novice Shan to Old Nanmu.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Thank you very much! Wish Old Nanmu a quick recovery.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Old Nanmu:

Thank you! (Old Nanmu accepted the medicine you send to him, and drank it slowly.) <Player name>, although I've lost the fruit of hundreds of year's practicing, I feld content that I can help the old master to beat the demon. The task of beating the evil power is now delivered to you!

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