Send Letter to the Nunnery
Send Letter to the Nunnery map
Vital statistics
Giver Wounded Panda
Type Primary
Requirements Letter
Level 10
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 690 Experience
345 Energy
2 Silver 16 Coin

According to what the snakes have done, it must be a organized action. There must be someone behind them to incite them. In the bamboo forest, there is a White Nunnery. The White Cloud Master know the history well. Help me to take a message to her to tell her that something strange happened in the mountain. Ask her to save the animals in the mountain.

Wounded Panda

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the Panda to send the letter to White Cloud Master in the White Nunnery to tell her that something strange happened in the mountain.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be quick! Don't worry about me. I can still stand by.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

White Cloud Master:

The Panda asked you to send me the message? It seems very bad. Fortunately he is ok. The Panda has a very deep relationship with our celestial beings. You will now it in the future. I have notice those aberrance, but I didn't know it grew so quickly.

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