Roving Bandit Head Wanted
Vital statistics
Giver Bulletin Board
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Roving Bandit Head
Roving Bandit Badge
Location Sand Village
Rewards 595 Experience
298 Energy
1 Silver 89 Coin

The villagers became excited and indignant after listening to what you had said. They did their best to fight against the Roving Bandits. The Roving Bandits are not united any more. But their Head really have good gest. Our villagers aren't sure if we can conquer them. I hope you can capture him for me and make the village become peaceful again.

Bulletin Board

Quest DescriptionEdit

A notification is pasted showing the Head of the Roving Bandits is wanted. I hope you can go to kill him.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The Roving Bandit Head is an atrocious monster. You should be very careful. You can ask someone to go with you.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Sand Village Head:

Ha ha... the Head is killed. The peace comes back to our village again. Great!

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