In addition to Defensive gear and Talismans, characters can be equipped with Rings and Amulets. These items provide a variety of additional bonus protections, primarily damage resistance. They can be acquired as drops, quest rewards, from the In Game Shop, Reputation Merchants, or trades with other players.

Rings and Amulets can be signed, but no other enhancement is possible.



Item Name Level
Bamboo Ring Bamboo Ring 7
Tung Ring Tung Ring 17
Brass Ring Brass Ring 27
Iron Ring Iron Ring 37
Silver Ring Silver Ring 47
Gold Ring Gold Ring 57
Ice Ring Ice Ring 67


Item Name Level Acquisition
Ring of Love Ring of Love 15 Reappearance of Buddha Lotus
All Stars Ring of Elephant All Stars Ring of Elephant 30 In Game Shop
All Stars Ring of Bear All Stars Ring of Bear 30 In Game Shop
All Stars Ring of Dolphin All Stars Ring of Dolphin 30 In Game Shop
All Stars Ring of Fox All Stars Ring of Fox 30 In Game Shop


Item Name Level
Fragrant Amulet Fragrant Amulet 9
Butterfly Amulet Butterfly Amulet 19
Fog Amulet Fog Amulet 29
Withy Amulet Withy Amulet 39
Dream Amulet Dream Amulet 49
Soul Amulet Soul Amulet 59
Wind Amulet Wind Amulet 69


Item Name Acquisition
Meteor Amulet Meteor Amulet In Game Shop
Scud Amulet Scud Amulet Unknown
Vane Amulet Vane Amulet In Game Shop

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