Vital statistics
Giver Corpse
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Western Evil Monk *30
Location Snow Village
Rewards 6900 Experience
3450 Energy
20 Silver 70 Coin
Previous: Search for the Corpse
Next: Test before Action
Take the Head of Demon

I was the counterjumper of the commercial chamber in the Ghost Shadow Swamp in front. The boss asked me to come here and pick some wild fruits. When I passed here, I saw and old woman who was very weak, so I planned to pick some wild fruits for her. Unfortunately, I was found by a group of monks with weird appearance. Although I got rid of them, I was seriously wounded... I hope some warm-hearted people can revenge me.


Quest DescriptionEdit

The counterjumper was attacked by the Western Regions Evil Monk as soon as he left the cave, because all his activities were watched by them. Those Western Regions Evil Monk usually wandering in the depth of the forest.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You have to be careful, since those Evil Monks are not easy to deal with.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Eighth Auntie:

As I expected, you are a man with loyalty. There are heroes in every generation. A daughter is farther than her fair mother.

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