Request of the Fur Chapman
Vital statistics
Giver Fur Chapman
Type Primary
Requirements Black Bear Fur Black Bear Fur *20
Level 35
Location Snow Village
Rewards 9600 Experience
4800 Energy
28 Silver 80 Coin

The cold winter is still lasting... The young men in rich families in the city start to buy furry coats. I come here specially to purchase the fur of the black bear. It is said that the black bears here are very large and the furs are of high quality. Have you got any? I purchase them on high price.

Fur Chapman

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Fur Chapman is a villager of Snow Village. He heard from others that the Black Bears here are very large. So he come here to collect the fur of black bears.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Hehe, since you are such a frank person, I will offer you a high price.

Ask DialogueEdit

Hi, chap! How many pieces of fur have you got?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Haha... the black bear fur really deserves the reputation it enjoys. You see? It touches so great! Thanks a lot! I will come into contact with you if I need more next time.

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