Area Points per level
Sky Village 800
Cloud Mountain
Tiger Mountain 2500
Stone City 3000
Black Wind Camp 5000
Laurel Mountain 7000
Snow Village 10000
Whorl Village 15000
White Bear Village 20000
Vast Mountain 4500
Dai's Field 50000
Loo's Graves 5000

Reputation is attached to each region of the game.

Players can check their current Reputation details from the Character interface (C). Select the “Reputation” tab for further information as the picture below shows. It displays the reputation states in each area including the amount of Reputation Points accumulated so far, the amount left for a higher level and current Reputation Level.

Reputation interface

Reputation questsEdit

Players can earn reputation points by doing quests given by specific NPCs. In most areas this will be the Reputation Merchant. Reputation quest can be done repeatedly with rewards of Experience, Energy and Reputation Point The first 3 completions of Reputation quests can be rewarded double or triple rewards according to different areas.

Quest Level Given by Location
A Decisive Battle of Stars 55Reputation MerchantDais Field
Beast Horn (Reputation) 44Village HeadVast Mountain
Break Through 45Rube Rich ManWhite Bear Village
Centipede Disaster Reputation MerchantCloud Mountain
Clean Up Bewitcher Cave 50Rube Rich ManWhite Bear Village
Clean Up Ichthyoid Cave 57Wife of Muscle-man WeiDais Field
Clean Up the Evil Monks 27Reputation MerchantBlack Wind Camp
Clear up the Laurel Wonderland 35Reputation MerchantLaurel Mountain
Death Diagram Action Reputation MerchantWhorl Village
Deformity Joss (Reputation) 44Lee YingqiongVast Mountain
Demonstrate to Baiqi (Reputation) 53Childe BaiqiDais Field
Evil Snake on Cloud Mountain 13BlacksmithCloud Mountain
Fight Back the Loo's Village 55Spy in Loos VillageDais Field
Lascivious Token (Reputation) 47Chase GeezerVast Mountain
Mushroom Village Misery Reputation MerchantStone City
Ogre Paw (Reputation) 45Villager (White Bear)Vast Mountain
On Behalf of Justice Snow Village HeadSnow Village
Sapless Brier (Reputation) 49Master HuangDais Field
Secret of Laurel Mountain Reputation MerchantLaurel Mountain
Sky Village Crisis Reputation MerchantSky Village
Snake Disaster Reputation MerchantCloud Mountain
Snow Mountain Monster 35Reputation MerchantSnow Village
The Evil Monks in Mercy Temple ApothecaryBlack Wind Camp
The Polluted Peach Forest Assistant ApothecaryLaurel Mountain
The Trouble of Mushroom Village Mushroom VillagerStone City
Warrior on Tiger Mountain 13Aborigine GuardCrow Forest
Western Suburb Evil Force Reputation MerchantBlack Wind Camp
Wood Demon Head (Reputation) 46Bamboo Hat TaoVast Mountain

Master pointsEdit

Characters that have reached level 30 are qualified to recruit apprentices. Being a master gives many benefits, one of which is to get Master Points that are gained as apprentices report level increases. 1 Report from Apprentice creates 1 Master Point. Master points can be exchanged for reputation points at a rate of 1 master point = 100 reputation points, with the exception of Loo’s Grave Keeper in the Market of Clear Water Dam who exchanges master points at the rate of 1 master point = 10 reputation points.

Master point exchange

Reputation rewardsEdit

The Reputation Merchant has superior items available that are difficult to acquire in normal gameplay. In most instances these items will be blue. Earning reputation points allows a player to purchase these items from him. There are a few other NPCs who also offer reputation rewards, including Rube Rich Man and Loo's Graves Keeper.

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