Repent and Be Saved
Vital statistics
Giver Nun Su Yin
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Ghost Wind Tao
Location Cloud Mountain Snake Cave
Rewards 6300 Experience
3200 Energy
19 Silver 20 Coin
Previous: Fairy Prentice (quest)
Next: Letters to Ascetic Fuhu

I knew your purpose of coming here. It's a long story. While the evil force attacked the Green Scarp, I was heavy wounded, but didn't die. That's because Ghost Wind Tao saved my life. The whole world saying Ghost Wind Tao is an evil, but any of them know the reason? Ghost Wind Tao betrayed the evils after he fell in love with me. He saved my life while Blood Master was trying to kill me. Since then, he has become neither human nor a ghost. One thousand years passed, he has still been hiding in Snake Cave. Could you please bring my Flower Hairpin to him, and tell him my feelings to him? So he can go to reborn himself.

Nun Su Yin

Quest DescriptionEdit

Pass the Flower Hairpin from Nun Su Yin to Ghost Wind Tao in Snake Cave. Hope he can forsake darkness for light.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I really hope Ghost Wind Tao can understna my feeling to him and go to reborn himself.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Solitary Ghost:

Ghost Wind Tao finally get the chance to reborn. So we don't have to worry about that anymore.

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