Release the Souls from Purgatory
Vital statistics
Giver Solitary Ghost
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Soul of Snake Demon
Level 18
Location Cloud Mountain Snake Cave
Rewards 6510 Experience
3255 Energy
20 Silver 16 Coin
Blue Identify Gem Blue Identify Gem
Assist talisman by class
Purple Cloud Purple Cloud
Array Flag Array Flag
Previous: Kill the Ghost Wind Tao

Thank you, kind man. Although I get rid of the bondage but my wife is still being torturing by the Ghost Wind Tao. I can't go to the reincarnation. The Soul of Snake Demon hides in my wife's body and did many crimes by using her body. I hope you can help me to perish it and avenge for my wife.

Solitary Ghost

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Soul of Snake Demon is controlled by the Ghost Wind Tao, please release it's soul.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Please, kind man, my wife is in the Snake Cave.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Ah... my husband still remember me, I am so touched...the Ghost Wind Tao made me become like this, I finally get released today.

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