Release the Fairy Animals
Vital statistics
Giver Golden Macaque
Type Primary
Requirements Forbidden Symbol Forbidden Symbol *16
Level 18
Location Tiger Mountain
Rewards 4960 Experience
2480 Energy
15 Silver 36 Coin
Talisman by class
Buddha Green Pearl Buddha Green Pearl
Sky Thunder Chain Simitar Sky Thunder Chain Simitar
Next: Ancient City Evil Ghost (quest)

I intended to walk round here but was found by the Evil Taoist. He used evil witchcraft on me to fix me here. Only the forbidden symbol on the Tree Man can release me. Can you go to get some of them for me?

Golden Macaque

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the golden macaque to get some forbidden symbol from the Tree Man.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I have been fixing here for so long time and finally I met a passerby.

Ask DialogueEdit

Could you be hurry? My legs begin to lose their consciousness.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

I have stand too long to walk immediately. You can go to do you own business. Thank you.

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