Real and Imitated Red Flower Grandma
Vital statistics
Giver Peach Headstream Village officer
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Red Flower Grandma
Kill Red Flower Guard *2
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 4500 Experience
2250 Energy
13 Silver 80 Coin
Previous: The Battle in the Fencing Room

Red Flower Grandma is on the platform in the fencing room. To beat her can greatly undermine the strength of Fly Dragon Nun. However, Red Flower Grandma is a master of the martial art and she is also trickish. You have to keep your wits about you and don't be tricked by her.

Peach Headstream Village officer

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the villagers to beat Red Flower Grandma.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Ask some helpers to go with you.

Ask DialogueEdit

Why are you still here? Have you met with difficulty?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

What? Her martial art is not as good as I said? Is it possible that this Red Flower Grandma is not the real one?

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