Rattan Cave Adventure
Vital statistics
Giver Lady Fei
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Golden Macaque Head
Kill Tiger King
Kill Aborigine Officer (boss)
Kill Evil Tao Beard
Five Smoke Vase Five Smoke Vase
Location Tiger Mountain Rattan Cave
Rewards 8160 Experience
4080 Energy
24 Silver 48 Coin
Previous: The Appointment in Belvedere
Next: Conspiracy in the Mercy Temple

No, that's not true. It's so unfair. I have to kill Evil Tao Beard. If he didn't betray my apprentice brother and steal the Five Smoke Vase from him, my brother would not die so easily. I will never give up killing the evil tao.

Lady Fei

Quest DescriptionEdit

Head for Rattan Cave to eliminate Evil Tao Beard.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

You'd better find some helpers with you, we have to exterminate them all.

Ask DialogueEdit

Did you forget what I asked you to do?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

It's Five Smoke Vase! Evil Tao Beard is dead? If my apprentice brother knows that, I gues he would not scold me then. That's what I can do now. I suggest you go to take a look in Mercy Temple, if you really have the ability, please exterminate all the evils there. Then my good friend Madam Miao Yi might be very happy with that. Hahaha...

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