Quest Tool

Players access their quest list by pressing T on their keyboard, or by clicking on the Quest icon on the toolbar.

Quest List 1

The quest list shows which quests have been accepted, sorted by region, with the level of difficulty displayed in colors:

  • Grey = Lower level than character.
  • Green = Equal level to character.
  • Yellow = Slightly higher level than character.
  • Red = Higher level than character.

The quest list is also where you can choose to trace a quest, or give up a quest.

Quest List 2

By selecting the Current Suitable Quests link, the quest list can be used to find quests that are available within the areas of the game the character has explored. By clicking on the green link that indicates the quest giver, players can auto-path to their location.

Quest List 3

By selecting the Daily Quests link, quests that are available daily are listed. The numbers in parentheses after the name of the quest indicates how many times it has been done that day, as well as how many times it can be done.

Quest List 4

By selecting the High Reward Quests link, quests that are available and offer a higher reward will be listed.

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