Purify the Forest
Vital statistics
Giver Peach Headstream Villager
Type Primary
Requirements Smudgy Peach Bole Smudgy Peach Bole *20
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 8800 Experience
4400 Energy
26 Silver 40 Coin
Previous: Fortune Pond

It was a beautiful peach forest here before. However, it was polluted by Fly Dragon Nun's wrong actions and become the worse and worse. We wonder what on earth did the Nun doing to here. So we need you to take some dirty peach trunk from the body of polluted peach monsters.

Peach Headstream Villager

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help the villagers to take some dirty peach trunk from the body of polluted peach monster.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Those polluted monsters are evil, you'd better be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

I'm afraid we cannot judge from such little trunks.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thank you! You ran the risk of losing your life to take so much polluted trunk for us.

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