Punish Cheater
Vital statistics
Giver Hunter Qiu
Type Primary
Requirements Duel Childe Tangz *1
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 12000 Experience
6000 Energy
18 Silver
Previous: Cause of Disease
Next: Appearance of Chief

Damn! What I've found are all venomous animals and plants! No wonder I was attacked by demons. They were all traps set by Childe Tangz. Hope you can find him and get the truth!

Hunter Qiu

Quest DescriptionEdit

Give Childe Tangz a lesson and get the truth.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

What should I do?


Speak to Childe Tanz.

Childe Tanz:

How dare you question the medicine sent by immortal? I cannot forgive you!
Well, it's not so late if you change your mind now.

Show me your strength!

Childe Tangz:

Stop please! We have misunderstanding! I am Qiu Zhixian, I was asked by Ice Fox Lady to wait here for some guides of master to cure my father.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Childe Tangz was controlled by Ice Fox Lady, who wanna seduce Qiu Zhixian to join in their party.

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