Protect Golden Cicada
Vital statistics
Giver Golden Cicada
Type Primary
Requirements Convoy Golden Cicada
Location Sky Village
Rewards 7425 Experience
3712 Energy
22 Silver 95 Coin
Previous: Letters to Ascetic Fuhu
Next: The Appointment in Belvedere

I am Golden Cicada, there is no clear dividing line for Justice and Evil force. Most people who ever joined the fight thousand years ago are dead. If you want to know some more secrets, you have to go to the GOlden Peak Mountain. You probably can have some extra gains.

Golden Cicada

Quest DescriptionEdit

Protect Golden CIcada, and bring him to the Golden Peak Mountain.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

This trip can't be plain sailing. You have to take extra care.


Accompany Golden Cicada to the Golden Peak Mountain.

Golden Cicada: "<Player name>, it depends on you whether I can reach Wizard area."

First ambush:

Golden Cicada: "So bad! These heelers of Evils have found our whereabouts already!"

"These people who still-hunted us must have planned beforehand, so we must be very careful."

Second ambush:

Golden Cicada: "Tough guys! Let me kill you. Show you my strength!"

Third ambush:

Golden Cicada: "So bad! My hands were injured."

"These people who still-hunted us must have planned beforehand, so we must be very careful."

Fourth ambush:

Golden Cicada: "It seems that we have been besieged."

Upon arrival:

Golden Cicada: "Than you for your convoy, otherwise I couldn't deal with these evils."

Accomplish DialogueEdit

Madam Miao Yi:

Thank you for your efforts to send Golden Cicada back to the Golden Peak Mountain.

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