Vital statistics
Giver Wu Wenqi
Type Primary
Requirements Elixir Elixir
Location Flowers Mountain
Rewards 450 Experience
225 Energy
1 Silver 44 Coin
Previous: The Morning Drew

The elixirs are finally finished, which have cost me a lot energy. Sister Zhou Qingyun must be waiting for them anxiously at the moment. Could you bring these elixirs to her?

Wu Wenqi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Send the elixir to the Tide Cave and give it to Zhou Qingyun.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

What a warm-hearted person you are!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Zhou Qingyun:

Thank you very much! I have waited for these elixirs for a long time. I will let my sisters take the elixirs immediately. The Master Su Yin in Guanyin Nunnery just sent one here to let you go there. You go!

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