Power of Pole Stone
Vital statistics
Giver Soul of Wizard Liyu
Type Primary
Requirements Use: Yang Needle Yang Needle *1
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 6000 Experience
3000 Energy
9 Silver
Previous: Collect Pole Stone
Next: Rescue Hunter Qiu

As I guess, this so-called Seven Swords Tomb is fake. Fortunately I've prepared enough Pole Stone and make Yang Needle. You can lay the needles to the repsective position of the sword tomb to get rid of the evils.

Soul of Wizard Liyu

Quest DescriptionEdit

Lay the Yang Needle according to the array of Big Dipper to destroy the fake Seven Swords.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The Seven Swords are laid according to the array of Big Dipper, so we must destroy teh fake one in this way.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Hunter Qiu:


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