Poison Flies in the Backwater
Vital statistics
Giver Shang Fengzi
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Poison Fly *24
Level 10
Location Tiger Mountain
Rewards 2760 Experience
1380 Energy
8 Silver 64 Coin

The Bramble Hill is very droughty. I planned to get some water to the low-lying place on the east, but was blocked by a group of Poison Flies. These poison flies live in such a droughty place, and are very fierce. I just got rid of them by being followed here. Please perish them for me.

Shang Fengzi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Perish the Poison Flies on Bramble Hill for Shang Fengzi.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The poisonous flies are very fierce. Be aware of them.

Ask DialogueEdit

Are you all right? Just let them go if you can't deal with them.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Fortunately I met you here, or I will be surrounded by the flies here.

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