Perish the Poison Mushroom
Vital statistics
Giver Polluted Mushroom
Type Repeatable
Requirements Mushroom Spore *5
Level 14
Location Cloud Mountain Snake Cave
Rewards 2520 Experience
1260 Energy
7 Silver 45 Coin
Next: Evil Poison Mushroom

I have been waiting for so long time and finally someone came. The cave is polluted by some evil power. Lots of my companions became evil because they are polluted. Help me to find other polluted mushroom and collect their spores. Those spores may have some memory of my companions when they haven't been polluted. I can find out what happened on them through their memory. Than I have chance to clean the cave.

Polluted Mushroom

Quest DescriptionEdit

Some mushrooms in the cave are polluted. Go to find the polluted mushroom to get their spores.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I must know the truth of the pollution. Please help me.

Ask DialogueEdit

Haven't get the spores yet? I don't think I can stand by for a long time.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

I can start to research the memory from my companions. Thank you!

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