Perish the Huge Snake
Vital statistics
Giver Wounded Panda
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Snake King Guard *10
Kill Green Bamboo Snake King
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 3300 Experience
1650 Energy
9 Silver 90 Coin
Little Panda pet Little Panda pet

<Player name>, something strange happened on the animals on Cloud Mountain. They became very irascible. I am worried that some passers-by will be attacked. But I still need some time to cure my injury. I wander if you can go to help me to beat down the Green Bamboo Snake King and its guards,k and clean the roads in the Bamboo Forest of Cloud Mountain to protect the passers-by.

Wounded Panda

Quest DescriptionEdit

In order to help the Panda, please perish the snakes completely. Beat down the Green Bamboo Snake King and its guards.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The Green Bamboo Snake King is more fierce than other snakes, please be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

It will be easier if your perish the snake guard around.


The Snake King and his guards are to the east of the Wounded Panda.

Accomplish DialogueEdit

<Player name>, such a good person like you will finally become the celestial being. I have something for you. Please take care of him. ALthough it is still very small and have just a little ability, but if you can treat him well, you will find his advantage in the future.

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