2010-08-23 -GM Stall Event

Now our generous GMs are planning to sell some valuable items at their stalls. Everything will be sold at the amazing price of 1 Copper!! For more information click here.

2010-08-04 - PK GM Event is coming!

From August 9 to August 18, all GMs will face your challenge in Senior PK Arena (for players of level 30~70) on all servers! Senior PK Arena will see a fierce competition! Moreover, several scenarios BOSS and even World BOSS will probably join in this battle together! For more information click here.

2010-07-15 - Online Gift Giveaway Event
For 3 weeks from July 20 PST, GMs will prepare big gift bags to give away attractive gifts to lucky online players! Join us in “Online Gift Giveaway Event”!

2010-06-18 - PK BOSS Event
Have you ever thought of challenging scenario BOSS in PK arena?

From June 18 to July 17, scenarios BOSS will accept your challenge in Senior PK Arena (level 30~70) and Junior PK Arena (level 1 ~ 35) respectively! PK arena is not only a PVP stage!

Besides, the PK rules remains unchanged: no death punishment.

Click here for more information!

2010-05-20 - The battle against illegal sites heats up!
New additions to the chat filter now make it impossible to type url addresses, and other words associated with illegal Talisman sites. So don't be surprised if your chat is now filled with *****

2010-05-04 - Thunder Ridge is open!
Looking for quests for level 30-40? Well check it out! There are dozens of new quests, and 2 new scenarios to challenge you.

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