Mysterious Altar
Vital statistics
Giver White Cloud Master
Type Scenario
Requirements Snake Blood *10
Location Cloud Mountain Snake Cave
Rewards 4860 Experience
2430 Energy
15 Silver 12 Coin
Defensive belt based on class
Redbud Belt Redbud Belt
Purple Crystal Belt Purple Crystal Belt
Next: Ancient Statuary

<Player name>, I once use witchcraft to go to the Snake Cave on Cloud Mountain. There is a altar on the mountaintop which is occupied by the snakeman. The statuary, which is daubed with snake's blood, spreads evil breath. It must be the joss the snakeman used for fete. Please collect more blood and ask the witch in the altar to help you and see what will happen. The witch is blind so she can't distinguish ordinary persons and the snakeman. So you can just talk to her.

White Cloud Master

Quest DescriptionEdit

Collect the Snakeman's blood and give it to the witch who is responsible for the altar.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The blood will drop from the monsters around there, please collect it.

Ask DialogueEdit

Snake Head Witch

We can start as soon as we have enough snake blood. Hehehe...(laughs the witch)


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Snake Head Witch

I smell some flavour like some strangers. I feel something abnormal.

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