When you have some unneeded things such as low-level or unmatched equipment, useless gems or materials, The My Stall function is another choice for you to deal with them in a proper way apart from trade and auction. You can set your stall in all safe areas. Remember that My Stall is only available to players of level 10 and above.

My Stall 1

How to set My Stall? Edit

The My Stall icon is bottom center on mini-map as the picture below shows.

Mini Map Stall

Click this icon, and My Stall & Item Box will appear in the interface. Drag the items you want to sell one by one to the My Stall blanks; as you drag each item to the target blank, another interface will show immediately for you to set your price; after this, the item will be in the blank with your price which can be checked by moving the mouse to its icon.

My Stall 3

With all items you want to sell being put in your stall, you can choose Set Sign to give an attractive and interesting name to your stall (not necessary). Then you can start your stall and expect good business.

During your stall time, you are in a state of sitting and can not stand up freely or in any way interact with the game outside of your stall. If other players are interested in your things or offers, they have two choices: buy the things directly or leave message to you for the hope of a lower price. For the latter, they can leave messages in your chat room, and you can check anytime.

If they buy your things directly, the equivalent price will be added to your Item Box immediately. At the same time, a Exclamation will appear in the left of the interface to remind you of your successful sale. You can also open History to check your business record.

How to Check Other Players' Stalls?Edit

It's very easy to check other players' stalls. When you see a player is setting a stall, just right-click to their character and the stall will open immediately. As the picture shows below:

My Stall 5


  • Before setting your stall, check other stalls, and the Auction to see what comparable items are selling for. If you price your items too high, no one will buy them.
  • Beware of price scams - It is common for people to offer many of the same item and price every other one differently, for example, if they have 10 pet foods to sell, they will price the first one at 20 Silver the next at 20 Gold, etc. That way if someone is looking to buy multiple items, they will simply click on each one and buy, not realizing until it's too late that they have spent 20 Gold instead of 20 Silver. Most often these scams will also include the silver price in the stall name.

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