Mushroom Village Misery
Vital statistics
Giver Reputation Merchant
Type Reputation
Requirements Kill Mountain Demon *20
Kill Wild Rabbit *20
Kill Mobster *20
Location Stone City
Rewards 3720 Experience
620 Energy
1200 Stone City Reputation

Although the Stone City is flourish, and everywhere is so crowded. But out of Stone City, the situation is different. There are some Mobsters robbing the passersby. It's a big trouble for the villagers. <Player name>, could you please help us perish them?

Reputation Merchant

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Stone City Reputation Merchant perish the evil force here.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

To reinstall the peace life of Stone City does depend on you.

Ask DialogueEdit

Take action now! Don't waste time!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

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