Mounted Brigand Picked Troops
Mounted Brigand Picked Troops map
Vital statistics
Giver Planted Agent for Mounted Brigand
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Elite Mounted Brigand *12
Location Sand Village
Rewards 1080 Experience
540 Energy
3 Silver 24 Coin
Previous: Hunting

The camp is used to provide foods to the Mounted Brigands who go to a far place. They there are not open-eyed and they are relaxed. But you shouldn't treat them lightly.

Planted Agent for Mounted Brigand

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Mounted Brigand's main force is resident in their camp. It is time to beat them to death.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The Mounted Brigands won't have long life any more. Kill them.

Ask DialogueEdit

Be aware of being attacked by the Mounted Brigands behind you.''


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Those Mounted Brigands are not your opponent. Please go have a rest. You must be very tired after these actions.

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