Mountain Demon Get in the Way
Mountain Demon Get in the Way map
Vital statistics
Giver Zhang Qi
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Mountain Demon *30
Location Stone City
Rewards 4800 Experience
2400 Energy
14 Silver 40 Coin

Some Mountain Demon which looks like trees come to the road near here. We don't know who call them to come here. Many peasantries were attacked when they tilled the plants. The Mountain Demon look very fierce. <Player name>, can you find a way to deal with them

Zhang Qi

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Zhang Qi to perish the Mountain Demon which disturb the peasantries to plants.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The Mountain Demon are not difficult to deal with but they have caused big damage because there are lots of them. I hope you can help us to solve the problem.

Ask DialogueEdit

The Mountain Demon like wandering near the roads


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Now we can go to till our plants. We should thank you, <Player name>.

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