Monk Mao Tai (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Muscle-man Wei
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Prentice of Monk Mao Tai *20
Kill Monk Mao Tai Stand-In
Location Black Wind Camp
Rewards 5700 Experience
2850 Energy
17 Silver 10 Coin

Monk Mao Tai's place is found by me yesterday. He is Zhou Chun's enemy, who is my good friend. I felt something unusual when I past the wood at Southwest. Just a little house, but was guarded by lots of monks...Mao Tai lives there. <Player name>, can you go to attack Monk Mao Tai?

Muscle-man Wei

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Zhou Chun to perish the monk Mao Tai.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

There are many pretice of Mao Tai guarding there. You should be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

My friend Zhou Chun has been suffering from him for many years. If we can help him to perish Mao Tai. He must be very glad


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You just told me the Monk Mao Tai you killed is a stand-in. It seems he is really foxery. I guess he goes to the Mercy Temple. Whatever, I want to say thank you. Here is your reward.

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