The Master and Apprentice system is designed to help lower level players and benefit higher level players.


  • The Master must be level 30 or above
  • The Apprentice must be between levels 5-20, inclusive
  • The Master can have 5 Apprentices, and the Apprentice can only have 1 Master


  • The Master shall deal with any application as soon as possible, since the applicant can only use the Apprenticeship system after being an apprentice.
  • If an Apprentice does not report to Master in seven real days, the master can expulse the apprentice without punishment for both parties.
  • A loss of 5% of Experience of present level will be caused to the party who stops the Master & Apprentice relationship unilaterally, and this party can not deal with the Master & Apprentice relationship for 6 hrs.


  • Apprentice needs to team up with Master (Master must be team leader) when they reach level 30, and talk to the Gentleman in either Stone City or Sky Village to complete the graduation ceremony.
  • Apprentice will be Graduated Apprentice after graduation and can recruit apprentices of their own.


  • Can gain up to 10% experience and 40% energy of Apprentice's current level
  • When Apprentice reaches level 20 will get an Advanced Energy Stone Advanced Energy Stone
  • When Apprentice graduates will get an Elite Energy Stone Elite Energy Stone
  • When Apprentice reaches level 40 will get three Blue Identify Gem Blue Identify Gems and one Medium Emerald Medium Emerald
  • When Apprentice (above level 10) reports and graduates will get Master Points
  • After a master has graduated 10 apprentices, the master points that are earned increases. Master Points = 10 + (graduated apprentice amounts - 1) * 2
  • Can gain up to 5% experience and 20% energy of Apprentice's current level
  • At levels 10 and 20 will get two blue-bound weapons
  • At level 30 upon graduation will get two green-bound weapons
  • At level 40 will get two Elite Energy Stone Elite Energy Stones


  • If graduated apprentices are removed from the apprentice list, they will not count toward the 10 graduate bonus.

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