Masked Heister (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Silver Cicada
Type Primary
Requirements Kill Masked Heister *40
Level 40
Location Whorl Village
Rewards 10600 Experience
5300 Energy
32 Silver 40 Coin
Defensive cuff by class
Blue Snipe Cuff Blue Snipe Cuff
Demon Ruin Cuff Demon Ruin Cuff
Previous: Seeking Silver Cicada
Next: Seeking Wain Tao

<Player name>, I will be here to wait for the prentices from other professions. But if we didn't root out the Masked Heister, probably we will act rashly and alert the enemy. So please go to root out the Masked Heister who are patrolling around Ice Prick Forest.

Silver Cicada

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Silver Cicada to root out the Masked Heister around Death Diagram Zone in Whorl Mountain.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be smart, when you are fighting against the Masked Heister.

Ask DialogueEdit

Go through the Ice Prick Forest, you will find the Masked Heister.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

It is hard work. Thank you very much.

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