Lotus Cave


Entrance coordinates
(392, 1151)

Thousands of years ago, a great evil power called Master Blood finally became a huge monster on Blood Palace. Master Blood began to slaughter human beings and other living things in order to strengthen his power. He enhanced himself by absorbing their souls. However, where there was depravity, there was justice. The great rabbi Master Tian Meng and other righteous forces jointed together to suppress Master Blood. After a long period of fierce battle, Master blood was defeated by Master Tian Meng's witchcraft called Heaven Ice, and he was sealed in a block of one-thousand year ice cube. This ice cube was suppressed at the bottom of the deep pool in Green Scarp. Nevertheless, Master Blood escaped from Green Scarp successfully five hundred years later. But some animals lived in the Lotus Cave were infected by his evil breath. They keep attacking people who enter into the cave. Among them, the Wild Boar King is the most fierce and hardest to deal with. Now it depends on you to eliminate these evils.

Monk Prentice


Monster Name Level
Little Wild Boar 10
Wild Boar 10
Pangolin 11
Wild Boar King 11
Little Blood Eidolon 11
Blood Eidolon 11
Senior Blood Eidolon 11
Blood Eidolon Captain 12

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