Looking for the Injured Panda
Vital statistics
Giver Apothecary
Type Primary
Level 10
Location Sky Village
Rewards 735 Experience
368 Energy
2 Silver 31 Coin
Next: Kindness

<Player name>, last time when I went to pick herbal medicine in the bamboos, I found an injured panda was surrounded by a group of vipers. I tried a long time there, but still couldn't get close to the panda. So many days have past, I don't know how it is now. I really worry about it. Can you go to the bamboos to find it for me?


Quest DescriptionEdit

Go to find an injured Panda near the Cloud Mountain.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Several days have past, I'm afraid that it can't go on. Please be hurry.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Wounded Panda:

?? You mean, you are sent by the apothecary in the Sky Village? He is really very kind! People in Sky Village are all kind people.

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