Looking for Muscle-man Wei
Vital statistics
Giver Wain Tao
Type Primary
Location Whorl Village
Rewards 4050 Experience
2025 Energy
12 Silver 15 Coin
Previous: Mire Monster (quest)

Since I act hastily, Muscle-man Wei were surrounded by Evil Snow GIant. And I get lost with him. I feel so sorry to him. <Player name>, could you please go to check whether he is safe or not?

Wain Tao

Quest DescriptionEdit

Help Wain Tao looking for Muscle-man Wei.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I remember we get lost to each other when we almost get to the end of Hotspring Valley.

Ask DialogueEdit


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Muscle-man Wei:

Ahhh... it's Wain Tao sent you here. How is he? Actually no need for him to feel sorry about that. They are just some small monsters.

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