Look for the Apothecary
Vital statistics
Giver Follower of Master Can
Type Primary
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 750 Experience
375 Energy
2 Silver 34 Coin

There is a Apothecary who is good at leechcraft. He always appears when people need him. Recently, the snake on Cloud Mountain made trouble and many villagers were attacked by the vipers. Can you help me to find him and see if you can help him?

Follower of Master Can

Quest DescriptionEdit

The Apothecary who are good at leechcraft are treating the villagers in the Wounded Camp. You can see them aftrer passing a bridge and the pathway of Cloud Mountain. Go to see if they need some help.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

<Player name>, you must hurry up.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Doctor of the Camp:

<Player name>, thanks for your coming. I am very busy and can't go away. I have something to ask you to do.

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