Green Scarp questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Birth GiftPrimary1Talisman FairyNoneGreedy Buddha Slave
Capture Blood EidolonPrimary3 Tamer onlyBuddha Slave
Clean the WaterScenario20Fairy PrenticeFull Moon
Collect the Spring WaterPrimary3Buddhist Novice ShanDrive Away the ApesSend the Medicine
Drive Away the ApesPrimary3Buddhist Novice ShanThe Herbs of Old NanmuCollect the Spring Water
Exterminate the Blood EidolonsPrimary4Buddhist Novice MingSend the MedicineKill the Big Blood Eidolon
Fairy PrenticeElite20Fairy PrenticeOral Message from Ascetic Fuhu‎Repent and Be Saved
Full MoonScenario25Fairy PrenticeClean the Water
Go Down of the MountainPrimary5Iron Arms LeeThe Test of Green Scarp
Greedy Buddha SlavePrimary1Buddha SlaveBirth Gift
Infected AnimalsScenario10Buddhist Novice Ming
Information from Iron Arms LeeScenario20Iron Arms LeeOral Message from Iron Arms Lee
Kill the Big Blood EidolonPrimary4Buddhist Novice MingExterminate the Blood EidolonsThe Secret of the Blood Eidolons
Oral Message from Ascetic FuhuPrimary20Ascetic FuhuSky Village ProtectorFairy Prentice
Perish Blood EidolonScenario15Buddhist Novice Ming
Send the MedicinePrimary3Buddhist Novice ShanCollect the Spring WaterExterminate the Blood Eidolons
The Herbs of Old NanmuPrimary2Buddhist Novice ShanGreedy Buddha SlaveDrive Away the Apes
The Secret of the Blood EidolonsPrimary4Buddhist Novice MingKill the Big Blood EidolonThe Test of Green Scarp
The Test of Green ScarpPrimary5Iron Arms LeeThe Secret of the Blood EidolonsGo Down of the Mountain

Golden Peak Mountain quests (Wizard only)Edit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Arrange the Battle ArrayPrimaryWizard OnlyNun WindThe Disruptive Bobtail Monkey
Go Down of the Mountain (Golden Peak)PrimaryWizard OnlyQi LingyunThe Test in Golden Peak Mountain
Regain VitalityPrimaryWizard OnlyLee YingqiongUnexpected Guest
The Disruptive Bobtail MonkeyPrimaryWizard OnlyNun WindArrange the Battle Array
The Ganoderma HeartPrimaryWizard OnlyGolden CicadaThe Meat Ganoderma
The Meat GanodermaPrimaryWizard OnlyGolden CicadaThe Ganoderma Heart
The Test in Golden Peak MountainEliteWizard OnlyQi LingyunGo Down of the Mountain (Golden Peak)
Unexpected GuestPrimaryWizard onlyLee YingqiongRegain Vitality

Darkness Valley quests (Tamer only)Edit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Brighten TamerPrimaryWhite ParrotThe Test of Tamer
Collect the HerbsPrimaryLu XiaoLu Jin (quest)
Expel the Aberrance WolfmanPrimaryLu JinExplore the Darkness Valley Forest
Explore the Darkness Valley ForestPrimaryLu XiaoExpel the Aberrance Wolfman
Lu Jin (quest)PrimaryLu JinCollect the HerbsVisit White Parrot
The Checkerboard in the ForestPrimaryTiger Head ManThe Reply from White ParrotThe Test of Tamer
The Reply from White ParrotPrimaryWhite ParrotWipe Out the SpriteThe Checkerboard in the Forest
The Test of TamerPrimaryWhite ParrotThe Checkerboard in the ForestBrighten Tamer
Visit White ParrotPrimaryTiger Head ManLu Jin (quest)Wipe Out the Sprite
Wipe Out the SpritePrimaryWhite ParrotVisit White ParrotThe Reply from White Parrot

Flowers Mountain quests (Fairy only)Edit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Clean the GardenPrimaryNun Ding HuiClear Spring Water
Clear Spring WaterPrimaryNun Ding HuiClean the Garden
Go Down of the Mountain (2)PrimaryNun Su YinThe Test of Fairy
Heart Broken GrassPrimaryWu WenqiThe Morning Drew
PractisingPrimaryWu WenqiThe Morning Drew
The Golden LotusPrimaryZhu Wen
The Morning DrewPrimaryWu WenqiHeart Broken GrassPractising
The Test of FairyEliteNun Su YinFairy Prentice (quest)Go Down of the Mountain (2)

Sky Village questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Adult WolvesPrimary4VillagerThe Power of Wolf King
Better AntidotePrimary6ApothecaryVulnerary
Brigand Head WantedElite8AuctioneerThe Punishment on the Bandits
Exterminate the BanditsPrimary6BlacksmithThe Roving BanditsThe Punishment on the Bandits
Jackal Wolf on the CampoPrimary6Hunter
Letters to Ascetic FuhuPrimarySolitary GhostRepent and Be SavedProtect Golden Cicada
Looking for the Injured PandaPrimary10ApothecaryKindness
Meet New Friend (First)PrimaryAuctioneer
Meet New Friend (Second)PrimaryAuctioneer
Meet New Friend (Third)PrimaryAuctioneer
Oral Message from Iron Arms LeePrimary20Iron Arms LeeInformation from Iron Arms LeeSky Village Protector
Protect Golden CicadaPrimaryGolden CicadaLetters to Ascetic FuhuThe Appointment in Belvedere
Sky Village CrisisReputationReputation Merchant
Strength of White EagleRepeatable5-40White Eagle
The Breath of Evil GhostPrimaryHunter
The End of the Evil GhostElite8HunterThe Last Battle
The Fatal ArrowsPrimary7Blacksmith
The Last BattlePrimary8HunterThe End of the Evil Ghost
The Lost GoodsPrimary8Auctioneer
The Power of Wolf KingElite4VillagerAdult WolvesVillagers' Food
The Punishment on the BanditsPrimary7BlacksmithExterminate the BanditsBrigand Head Wanted
The Roving BanditsPrimary6BlacksmithExterminate the Bandits
The Speedy Flying SnakesPrimary7Hunter
The Spread of the PestilencePrimary5HunterThe Truant Apparition
The Truant ApparitionPrimary6HunterThe Spread of the Pestilence
Villagers' FoodPrimary4VillagerThe Power of Wolf King
Villagers' InflammationPrimary7Sad Villager
VulneraryPrimary6ApothecaryBetter Antidote
Wishes from Sir DisasterRepeatableLittle Monk

Sand Village questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Defeated Mounted BrigandsPrimarySand Village HeadHunting the Brigand Head
Go AstrayEliteCelestial TaoStrange Wildfire
Herald with No EyebrowPrimarySand Village Head
HuntingPrimaryPlanted Agent for Mounted BrigandThe Brigand's Battle horsesMounted Brigand in Desert
Hunting the Brigand HeadEliteBulletin BoardDefeated Mounted Brigands
Mounted Brigand Picked TroopsPrimaryPlanted Agent for Mounted BrigandHunting
Mounted Brigand in DesertPrimaryPlanted Agent for Mounted BrigandHuntingMounted Brigand Picked Troops
Nose for the TruthPrimarySand Village Head
Protect the VillagePrimaryYan Nan Fei
Roving Bandit Head WantedEliteBulletin Board
Sneak Attack the Roving BanditsPrimaryVillager to ScoutNose for the Truth
Strange WildfirePrimaryCelestial TaoThe Undeserved GhostGo Astray
The Bitter ElfPrimaryCelestial TaoThe Confidential LetteThe Undeserved Ghost
The Brigand's Battle horsesPrimaryPlanted Agent for Mounted BrigandHunting
The Confidential LettePrimaryCelestial TaoThe No-eyebrow JuntaThe Bitter Elf
The Epigraph in Sand VillagePrimarySand Village HeadThe No-eyebrow Junta
The No-eyebrow JuntaPrimaryCelestial TaoThe Confidential Lette
The Undeserved GhostPrimaryCelestial TaoThe Bitter ElfStrange Wildfire

Cloud Mountain questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Ancient StatuaryScenarioSnake Head WitchMysterious Altar
Avoid the Evil in the NunneryPrimary10White Cloud MasterFlying Centipede (quest)
Battle in Bamboo ValleyScenario10White Cloud Master
Battle in Snake CaveGuildGuild level 2Stone of Sword
Centipede DisasterReputationReputation Merchant
Different IdentitiesScenarioWhite Cloud Master
Elite Snake Head (quest)Primary12Doctor of the CampWeaken the Snake CaptorSnake Bandit General (quest)
Evil Poison MushroomRepeatablePolluted MushroomPerish the Poison Mushroom
Evil Snake on Cloud MountainReputation13Blacksmith
Exterminate Evil ChieftainScenario10White Cloud Master
Flying Centipede (quest)PrimaryWhite Cloud MasterAvoid the Evil in the NunneryThe Prayer Beads
Heal the WoundedPrimary12Doctor of the CampWeaken the Snake Captor
Homesick SonPrimary18Tie Dan
Immortal Centipede (quest)EliteFollower of Master CanThe Prayer Beads
Kill the Ghost Wind TaoEliteSolitary GhostRelease the Souls from Purgatory
KindnessPrimaryWounded PandaLooking for the Injured PandaPerish the Huge Snake
Look for the ApothecaryPrimaryFollower of Master Can
Mysterious AltarScenarioWhite Cloud MasterAncient Statuary
Perish the Huge SnakeEliteWounded Panda
Perish the Poison MushroomRepeatable14Polluted MushroomEvil Poison Mushroom
Release the Souls from PurgatoryScenario18Solitary GhostKill the Ghost Wind Tao
Repent and Be SavedEliteNun Su YinFairy Prentice (quest)Letters to Ascetic Fuhu
Seize Treasures BackScenarioWounded Panda
Send Letter to the NunneryPrimary10Wounded Panda
Snake Bandit General (quest)Elite12Doctor of the CampElite Snake Head (quest)
Snake DisasterScenarioReputation Merchant
Solitary Ghost (quest)Primary15Doctor of the CampThe Wandering Bitter Elf
The Aberrance on Cloud MountainPrimary15Solitary GhostKill the Ghost Wind Tao
The Ghost BreatheRepeatable15Blacksmith
The Ghosts' ComplaintScenario18Solitary GhostKill the Ghost Wind Tao
The Guard of the SoulsPrimaryDoctor of the CampThe Wandering Bitter Elf
The Prayer BeadsPrimaryFollower of Master CanFlying Centipede (quest)Immortal Centipede (quest)
The Wafting Ghost FirePrimary15Solitary GhostRelease the Souls from Purgatory
The Wandering Bitter ElfPrimary16Doctor of the CampSolitary Ghost (quest)The Guard of the Souls
Weaken the Snake CaptorPrimary12Doctor of the CampHeal the WoundedElite Snake Head (quest)

Tiger Mountain questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
An Old Friend during ChildhoodPrimary18Little Tao Zhang
Ancient City Evil GhostScenarioGolden MacaqueRelease the Fairy Animals
Attacked by the Wild MulesPrimary12Coward AborigineThe Legend of the Numen
Battle in Rattan CaveScenarioGuild level 1Stone of Sword
BrothersPrimary17Little Tao ZhangQuirky Squad
Consigned by the PresbyterPrimary12Aborigine OfficerEvil Tao He (quest)
Evil Tao He (quest)Elite12Aborigine OfficerConsigned by the Presbyter
Kindling on Bramble HillPrimaryJunior Zhou YuncongSomething Fallow in the Bramble
Meet AgainRepeatable14Xiao San-erStrange Animal in Rattan Cave
Poison Flies in the BackwaterPrimary10Shang Fengzi
Quirky SquadPrimaryLittle Tao ZhangBrothersThe Evil Taoist's Guly Witchcraft
Rattan Cave AdventureEliteLady FeiThe Appointment in BelvedereConspiracy in the Mercy Temple
Release the Fairy AnimalsPrimary18Golden MacaqueAncient City Evil Ghost (quest)
Sagamore Black Ghost (quest)EliteAborigine Officer
Something Fallow in the BramblePrimaryJunior Zhou YuncongKindling on Bramble Hill
Strange Animal in Rattan CaveScenarioXiao San-er
The Evil Taoist's Guly WitchcraftScenarioLittle Tao ZhangQuirky Squad
The Headstream AboriginesScenario16Aborigine Officer
The Hunter on Tiger MountainRepeatable15Aborigine Hunter
The Legend of the NumenPrimary12Coward AborigineAttacked by the Wild Mules
The Outpost of the AboriginesPrimary10Shang Fengzi
The Riverhead in the ForestPrimary14Aborigine Woman
The Strongest WarriorPrimary11Aborigine Guard
The Tiger KingScenario15Aborigine Officer
Threaten from the Cold WeatherPrimary16Merchant
Warrior on Tiger MountainReputation13Aborigine Guard
Wild Mule King (quest)EliteAborigine Officer
Wolves in the CavePrimary13Blacksmith

Stone City questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Ancient Tree of Life (quest)GuildStone of Life
Beat Down the AccessaryPrimaryZhang Qi
Burn the DenPrimaryFellow Liao Yi
Chase Geezer (quest)PrimaryExaminee SongNose for The NewsDistrustful Big Fellow
Clean Leud TemplePrimary21Zhou ChunVisit the AnchoretFight against Pink Butterfly
Visit the Temple
Nose for The News
Cloud Crossbow Appears AgainPrimary21Zhou ChunVisit the AnchoretThief in Green Bamboo Nunnery
Collect Bit of Water KernelPrimaryLady CristinaExtract Kernel of Fire
Collect Celestial PearlsRepeatable20Immortal Lee
Collect Celestial Pearls (2)Repeatable30Immortal Lee
Collect Celestial Pearls (3)Repeatable36Immortal Lee
Collect Celestial Pearls (4)Repeatable61Immortal Lee
Collect the Medicine MaterialsPrimary20Zhang Qi
Convoy the Tao CompanionRepeatableQiu Lin
Distrustful Big FellowEliteChase GeezerChase Geezer (quest)
Divine Beast ScrollsPrimary25Immortal Lee
Do WrongElite20Zhang Yaoqing
Evildoing of Monk Mao TaiPrimarySun Nan
Exposure of ImposterPrimarySun Nan
Extract Kernel of FirePrimaryLady CristinaCollect Bit of Water KernelReappearance of Buddha Lotus
Face-liftingPrimaryImmortal Lee
Fight against Pink ButterflyEliteZhou ChunClean Leud Temple
Go Fast and Come Back FastPrimaryTao Novice
Home of LanternPrimaryShopman
Hunt for EscapeePrimarySun Nan
Mountain Demon Get in the WayPrimaryZhang Qi
Mushroom Village MiseryReputationReputation Merchant
Nose for The NewsPrimaryZhou ChunChase Geezer (quest)
Plentiful Mineral (Primary)GuildLunar Cave lvl 1Master Qingxuzi
Reappearance of Buddha LotusPrimarySir AdamExtract Kernel of Fire
Save Examinee ZhouEliteExaminee Zhou
Share Prosperity (Ancient Tree of Life)GuildStone of Life
Sky Village ProtectorElite20Ascetic FuhuOral Message from Iron Arms LeeOral Message from Ascetic Fuhu
Strong Energy Charm (Advanced)RepeatableImmortal Lee
Strong Energy Charm (Medium)Repeatable40Immortal Lee
Strong Energy Charm (Primary)Repeatable30Immortal Lee
The Appointment in BelvederePrimaryMadam Miao YiProtect Golden CicadaRattan Cave Adventure
The Bandits in Stone CityRepeatable20Rich Man
The Destroyer of The CroplandPrimaryZhang Qi
The Power of Blue MagicPrimary25Immortal Lee
The Trouble of Mushroom VillageReputationMushroom Villager
The wandering Evil GhostPrimaryZhang SiGather MaterialsDo Other a Favor
Thief in Green Bamboo NunneryPrimaryTao Novice
Visit Zhu WenPrimarySun Nan
Visit the AnchoretPrimary20Rich Man
Visit the TemplePrimaryZhou ChunClean Leud Temple

Black Wind Camp questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
A Planted Agent in Mercy TemplePrimarySun Nan
ArhatScenarioFellow Liao Yi
Battle in Happiness HallGuildGuild level 4Stone of Sword
Battle in Mercy TempleGuildGuild level 3Stone of Sword
Battle in Wei's VillageEliteSun Nan
Break the Golden SilkwormEliteSun Nan
Burn Mercy TemplePrimarySun Nan
Clean Up the Evil MonksScenario27Reputation Merchant
Clean the Happiness HallScenarioFellow Liao Yi
Conspiracy in the Mercy TemplePrimaryLady FeiRattan Cave Adventure
Cruel GuardElite22Locked Up Examinee
Defeat the LecherPrimarySun Nan
Do Other a FavorPrimaryZhang SiThe wandering Evil Ghost
Fight for JusticePrimarySun Nan
Gather MaterialsRepeatableMuscle-man WeiThe wandering Evil Ghost
Green Robe MasterScenarioFellow Liao Yi
Happiness HallScenarioFellow Liao Yi
Hiding BeautyEliteFellow Liao Yi
Invitation for HeroesPrimarySun Nan
Lady ShiyuzhuEliteFellow Liao Yi
Mercy Temple Sturdy Monk SoldierPrimaryFellow Liao Yi
Monk Mao Tai (quest)EliteMuscle-man Wei
Perish the Green Robe MasterEliteSun Nan
Pioneer of Mercy TempleEliteSun Nan
Send Letters by Using PigeonsPrimaryMuscle-man Wei
Send MedicinePrimaryApothecary
The Enchanter in Mercy ForestRepeatableApothecary
The Enchanter in Mercy TempleRepeatableApothecary
The Enemy from Mercy TempleEliteSun Nan
The Evil Monks in Mercy TempleReputationApothecary
The Examinee Who is Blocked UpElite22Locked Up Examinee
The Monk Soldiers in Mercy TemplePrimaryMuscle-man Wei
The Trace of Enemy in the WoodsPrimarySun Nan
Western Suburb Evil ForceReputationReputation Merchant

Beauty Village questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Appearance of ChiefPrimarySoul of Wizard LiyuPunish CheaterGet Secret Golden Drug
Big Cavy (quest)PrimaryGranary Guard
Cause of DiseasePrimaryHunter QiuRescue Hunter QiuPunish Cheater
Collect Herbal MedicinePrimaryElder Dong
Collect Pole StonePrimaryWizard LiyuTrue or FalsePower of Pole Stone
Cure the SymptomsPrimaryElder DongStrange Scorpion in WoodsFavorable Turn
Disturbance of Water DevilPrimaryVillager LisanLair of Water Devil
Fat Chef's FavoritePrimaryFat ChefReconciliation
Father's SicknessPrimaryLady Zexan
Favorable TurnPrimaryLady ZexanCure the SymptomsHistory of Happy Powder
Find Bonnie's SisterPrimaryBonnieHide and Seek
Find TruthPrimaryLady ZexanHistory of Happy PowderToolbox of Hunter Qiu
Get Secret Golden DrugPrimarySoul of Wizard LiyuAppearance of ChiefNature of Ice Fox Lady
Turn the Corner
GratitudePrimaryLantern ShopkeeperLost Hairpin
Harvest FruitsPrimaryOrchard Farmer
Hellfire VesselScenarioSoul of Wizard Liyu
Help Catch FishPrimaryVillager LisanFat Chef's Favorite
Hide and SeekPrimaryBonnieFind Bonnie's Sister
History of Happy PowderPrimaryWizard LiyuFavorable TurnFind Truth
Lair of Water DevilEliteVillager LisanDisturbance of Water Devil
Lost HairpinPrimaryRich ElderGratitude
Nature of the Ice Fox LadyEliteSoul of Wizard LiyuAppearance of ChiefSoul of Fox
Poisonous Bird (quest)ScenarioElder Dong
Power of Pole StonePrimarySoul of Wizard LiyuCollect Pole StoneRescue Hunter Qiu
Punish CheaterPrimaryHunter QiuCause of DiseaseAppearance of Chief
ReconciliationPrimaryFat ChefFat Chef's Favorite
Rescue Hunter QiuPrimaryHunter QiuPower of Pole StoneCause of Disease
Soul of FoxScenarioSoul of Wizard LiyuNature of the Ice Fox Lady
Strange Scorpion in WoodsPrimaryElder DongCure the Symptoms
Sword of ImmortalPrimaryHunter QiuToolbox of Hunter QiuTrue or False
Toolbox of Hunter QiuPrimaryHunter QiuFind TruthSword of Immortal
Trembling Beetle (quest)PrimaryOrchard Woman
True or FalsePrimaryLady ZexanSword of ImmortalCollect Pole Stone
Turn the CornerPrimarySoul of Wizard LiyuGet Secret Golden Drug
Unknown DevilScenarioWizard Liyu
Vegetable GardenPrimaryVillager LisanReconciliation

Thunder Ridge questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Ancient Jade NecklacePrimaryFoosonMake InvestigationHousehold Book
Apprentice RedcloudPrimarySir Black DragonHorrible IntrigueThe Truth
Blade Soul (quest)PrimarySir Black DragonGhost Touch Flower
Brothers' ReunionPrimaryOdd FragmentSoul SealLast Apology
Buddha Statue (quest)PrimaryStonemason DuanStone Pit (quest)
Clear the WildPrimaryQuiac
Collect BristlesScenarioTanci
Compress the EvilPrimaryMaster WooyinMutual ForceCounter-attack Thunder Ridge (1)
Counter-attack Thunder Ridge (1)PrimaryMaster WooyinCompress the Evil
Counter-attack Thunder Ridge (2)Primary38Sir Black DragonEnd of War
Dark Lunar Silk (quest)ScenarioSir Black Dragon
Defend Ghost SoldierPrimaryWind JizonGhost Touch Flower
Eliminate Dead InsectPrimaryShiqi
End of WarPrimary38Sir Black DragonCounter-attack Thunder Ridge (2)
Escape Murk WoodsScenarioCinbo
Find CinboScenarioTanci
Get Skeleton VertebraPrimaryWind JizonPurple Bamboo Grove Line (quest)
Ghost Touch Flower (quest)PrimarySir Black DragonDefend Ghost SoldierBlade Soul (quest)
Gold Teeth Patriarch (quest)ScenarioFooson
Gratitude or ResentmentElite37Wizard LiyuOld Memory
HearsayPrimary38Sir Black DragonPurple Bamboo Grove (quest)Iron Mask Buddha (quest)
Horrible IntriguePrimaryStonemason DuanSupernatural EventsApprentice Redcloud
Household BookPrimaryTanciAncient Jade NecklaceWizard Liyu's Brother
Invasion of Yae PioneerPrimaryTanciReport Situation
Iron Mask Buddha (quest)EliteSir Black DragonHearsay
Kill Blade SoulPrimaryYuhaStrange Tower
Kill Ruthless Old DevilScenario38Sir Black Dragon
Last ApologyPrimaryWizard LiyuBrothers' Reunion
Light PearlPrimaryMaster WooyinSecret about Stone
Lizard Poison Gland (quest)Primary37Sir Black DragonSeek AssistanceUrgent Treatment
Make InvestigationPrimaryFoosonAncient Jade Necklace
Mutual ForcePrimaryMaster WooyinCompress the Evil
Old MemoryPrimaryWizard LiyuWizard Liyu's BrotherGratitude or Resentment
Purple Bamboo Grove (quest)Primary38Sir Black DragonHearsay
Purple Bamboo Grove Line (quest)PrimaryTanciGet Skeleton Vertebra
Release SoulPrimaryMaster Wooyin
Report SituationPrimaryFoosonInvasion of Yae Pioneer
Research of Ossifying SkinPrimaryQuiacSingle Camp
Secret about StonePrimaryWind JizonLight Pearl
Secret about Yae PriestPrimaryQuiacYae Priest (quest)
Seek AssistancePrimary37Wind JizonLizard Poison Gland
Single CampPrimaryTanciResearch of Ossifying Skin
Soul Seal (quest)PrimaryOdd FragmentBrothers' Reunion
Stone Pit (quest)PrimaryShiqiBuddha Statue (quest)
Strange Black Water LakeScenarioShiqi
Strange TowerPrimarySocKill Blade Soul
Supernatural EventsPrimaryStonemason DuanHorrible Intrigue
Take RevengeScenario37Sir Black Dragon
The TruthPrimaryRedcloudApprentice Redcloud
Urgent TreatmentPrimarySir Black DragonLizard Poison Gland (quest)
White Bone Demon (quest)ScenarioWizard Liyu
Wizard Liyu's BrotherPrimaryTanciHousehold BookOld Memory
Yae Priest (quest)EliteQuiacSecret about Yae Priest
Yae Warrior (quest)ScenarioQuiac

Laurel Mountain questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
A Child Prodigy of Three GenerationsPrimaryZhu WenGo to See the Doctor
Battle in Laurel WonderlandGuildGuild level 5Stone of Sword
Clear up the Laurel WonderlandReputation35Reputation Merchant
Dark GrassPrimaryRuo Lan
Enemies Get into Laurel RoomPrimary30Ruo LanGo to See the DoctorMachine Monsters
Fight against Golden CamelEliteStrange Machine ManWorry of Machine Man
Fire Rock CavePrimaryRed Flower Grandma Split BodyThe Way to the Immortal PoolFire Squamae
Fire SquamaePrimaryRed Flower Grandma Split BodyFire Rock CaveThe Nirvana
Fortune PondPrimaryPeach Headstream VillagerPurify the Forest
Fortune PondPrimaryRed Flower Grandma Split BodyThe Way to the Immortal Pool
Go to See the DoctorPrimaryZhu WenA Child Prodigy of Three Generations‎Enemies Get into Laurel Room
Great War in Poison Dragon PuddleScenario36Peach Headstream Village officer
Green Spring Gully CrisisRepeatableRuo Lan
Leftover of NunneryScenario35Peach Headstream Village officer
Machine MonstersPrimaryRuo LanEnemies Get into Laurel RoomThe Medicine in Green Spring Gully
Poison Dragon Vitals (quest)Scenario35Peach Headstream Village officer
Purify the ForestPrimaryPeach Headstream VillagerFortune Pond
Real and Imitated Red Flower GrandmaPrimaryPeach Headstream Village officerThe Battle in the Fencing Room
Secret of Laurel MountainReputationReputation Merchant
Set a TrapPrimaryStrange Machine ManWorry of Machine Man
The Battle in the Fencing RoomPrimaryPeach Headstream Village officerThe Machine HingeReal and Imitated Red Flower Grandma
The Black Stone DemonEliteRuo Lan
The Guarding Monster of the PondPrimaryRuo Lan
The Machine HingeElitePeach Headstream Village officerThe Map of Red Flower CaveThe Battle in the Fencing Room
The Map of Red Flower CavePrimaryPeach Headstream Village officerThe Machine Hinge
The Medicine in Green Spring GullyPrimaryRuo LanMachine Monsters
The Mystery of Machine MonsterScenario35Peach Headstream Village officer
The NirvanaEliteRed Flower Grandma Split BodyFire Squamae
The Polluted Peach ForestReputationAssistant Apothecary
The Way to the Immortal PoolPrimaryRuo LanFortune Pond (2)
Fire Rock Cave
Trapping ToolRepeatableZhu Wen
Worry of Machine ManPrimaryStrange Machine ManFight against Golden Camel
Set a Trap

Snow Mountain questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Confirm the InformationPrimarySoul of Eighth AuntieThe Soul of Eighth AuntieUproot the Evildoers
Gest Test
Crisis in the SwampPrimaryChamber of Commerce BossLatent CrisisThe Bald Vulture Head
Most Urgent
Demon of Sanskrit Sound (quest)EliteSoul of Eighth AuntieUproot the Evildoers
Eighth Auntie's TokenPrimarySoul of Eighth AuntieDemon Soldier (quest)
Far Temple CrisisRepeatable38Snow Village Head
Gest TestPrimarySoul of Eighth AuntieConfirm the Information
Kaoliang Spirit (quest)PrimaryUncle LiuThe Delicious Food
Latent CrisisPrimaryChamber of Commerce BossTransport GoodsCrisis in the Swamp
Look for the PharmacopoeiaPrimaryJokul DoctorThe Wounded Apothecary
Most UrgentPrimaryChamber of Commerce BossCrisis in the Swamp
On Behalf of JusticeReputationSnow Village Head
Protect Pink BeeRepeatable45Pink Bee
Request of the Fur ChapmanPrimary35Fur Chapman
RevengePrimaryCorpseSearch for the CorpseTest before Action
Take the Head of Demon
Search for the CorpsePrimaryEighth AuntieWestern Regions EnchanterRevenge
Snow Mountain MonsterReputation35Reputation Merchant
StarvationPrimaryEighth Auntie
Take the Head of DemonElite36Eighth AuntieRevenge
Test before ActionPrimaryEighth AuntieRevengeTransport Goods
The Bald Vulture HeadEliteChamber of Commerce BossCrisis in the Swamp
The Delicious FoodPrimary36Jokul HunterThe Jokul Flying SnakeKaoliang Spirit (quest)
The Eyes of Snow EaglesPrimary37Apothecary
The Gallbladders of Snow LeopardsPrimary37Apothecary
The Jokul Flying SnakePrimary35Jokul HunterThe Delicious Food
The Shortage of ResourcesRepeatable36Blacksmith
The Soul of Eighth AuntiePrimary38Snow Village HeadWorry of the Village Head (elite)Confirm the Information
The Wounded ApothecaryPrimary35Jokul DoctorLook for the Pharmacopoeia
Transport GoodsPrimaryCounterjumper (2)Test before ActionLatent Crisis
Uproot the EvildoersPrimarySoul of Eighth AuntieConfirm the InformationDemon of Sanskrit Sound (quest)
Western Regions EnchanterPrimaryEighth AuntieSearch for the Corpse
Worry of the Village HeadPrimary37Snow Village HeadWorry of the Village Head (elite)
Worry of the Village Head (elite)EliteSnow Village HeadWorry of the Village HeadThe Soul of Eighth Auntie

Whorl Mountain questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Blade Ranger (quest)Primary39Xu YueEighth Auntie's TokenSnow Man
Collect Fur of Snow BeastPrimarySilver Cicada
Collect the Valuable BooksScenarioSilver Cicada
Counterattack from the Snow ManPrimarySilver CicadaSnow Man (quest)Collect Fur of Snow Beast
Death Diagram ActionReputationReputation Merchant
Demon Soldier (quest)Primary39Xu YueEighth Auntie's TokenDemon Soldier Claw (quest)
Demon Soldier Claw (quest)Primary39Xu YueDemon Soldier (quest)Seeking Silver Cicada
Evil Blade (quest)Scenario43Tao Bai Shui
Evil Snow Giant (quest)Primary41Wain TaoSeeking Wain TaoWhite Lotus (quest)
Frost Skull (quest)Primary42Muscle-man WeiLooking for Le San Guan
Hell Snow Giant (quest)Scenario41Wain Tao
Hollow Masked Heister (quest)Primary42Muscle-man WeiLooking for Muscle-man WeiSilver Needle (quest)
Hotspring Water (quest)Primary41Wain TaoSeeking Wain Tao
Ice Banshee (quest)Scenario40Tombstone
Live Diagram ActionPrimarySilver Cicada
Looking for Le San GuanPrimaryMuscle-man WeiFrost Skull (quest)Throat Rift Orc (quest)
Looking for Muscle-man WeiPrimaryWain TaoMire Monster (quest)
Masked Heister (quest)Primary40Silver CicadaSeeking Silver CicadaSeeking Wain Tao
Mire Monster (quest)Primary41Wain TaoSeeking Wain TaoLooking for Muscle-man Wei
Orc Watcher (quest)Primary43Le San Guan
Phanotm Corpse (quest)Primary43Le San Guan
Seeking Silver CicadaPrimary39Xu YueDemon Soldier Claw (quest)
Seeking Wain TaoPrimarySilver CicadaMasked Heister (quest)Hotspring Water (quest)
Siege Fantasy PalaceScenarioReputation Merchant
Silver Needle (quest)Primary42Muscle-man WeiHollow Masked Heister (quest)
Snow Man (quest)Primary39Xu YueBlade RangerCounterattack from the Snow Man
Tao Bai Shui (quest)Scenario43Tao Bai Shui
Throat Rift Orc (quest)Primary43Le San GuanLooking for Le San Guan
Virulent Spider (quest)Scenario43Tao Bai Shui
White Lotus (quest)PrimaryWain TaoEvil Snow Giant (quest)

Vast Mountain questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Beast Horn (Energy)Repeatable44Village Head
Beast Horn (Experience)Repeatable44Village Head
Beast Horn (Reputation)Reputation44Village Head
Bloodsucker Queen (quest)Scenario48Grandaunt Lei
Blue Magic Bead (quest)Primary48Madam Golden Whisk
Break ThroughReputation45Rube Rich Man
Clean Up Bewitcher CaveReputation50Rube Rich Man
Clear Wood Demon CavePrimary46Village HeadThe Wail in Wood Demon CaveLooking for Reinforcement
Collect Blaze TokenScenario45Madam Golden Whisk
Collect Green SoilPrimary45Bamboo Hat Tao
Cub Tiger (quest)Primary46Madam Golden WhiskMadam Golden Whisk (quest)
Deformity Joss (Energy)Repeatable44Lee Yingqiong
Deformity Joss (Experience)Repeatable44Lee Yingqiong
Deformity Joss (Reputation)Reputation44Lee Yingqiong
Dicephalous Fire Serpent (quest)Primary47Grandaunt LeiThe Entrust of Grandaunt Lei
Enigma of Ghost DinPrimary47Yin Sushang
Enter Tusk Ogre LairPrimary45Bamboo Hat TaoFire Fan Childe (quest)
Exterminate Horse-head Bear GuardPrimary44Village HeadKill Evil Black Horse-head Bear
Fire Fan Childe (quest)Elite45Bamboo Hat TaoEnter Tusk Ogre Lair
Four-hand Yaksha (quest)Scenario47Lee YingqiongThe Whereabouts of Chi Chengzi
Ghost Din Woods (quest)Primary47Qi Xia-er
Green Sword Art Book (quest)Scenario48Madam Golden Whisk
Horse-head Bear Captain WantedElite44Rube Rich Man
Investigate Front SquarePrimary44Lee YingqiongLooking for Lee YingqiongThe Secrets of Zhao's Palace
Investigate the Force of Tusk OgrePrimary45Bamboo Hat TaoEnter Tusk Ogre Lair
Kill Evil Black Horse-head BearPrimary44Village HeadExterminate Horse-head Bear Guard
Lascivious Token (Energy)Repeatable47Chase Geezer
Lascivious Token (Experience)Repeatable47Chase Geezer
Lascivious Token (Reputation)Reputation47Chase Geezer
Looking for Lee YingqiongPrimary44Chase Geezer
Looking for ReinforcementPrimary46Village HeadClear Wood Demon CaveSnake Sword Tao (quest)
Madam Golden Whisk (quest)Primary46Sword Master LinglingziCub Tiger (quest)
Marvelous StonePrimary45Sword Master LinglingziSecrets of Marvelous Stone
Moss Spider Spawn (quest)Primary47Madam Golden Whisk
Mystic Key (quest)Scenario45Madam Golden Whisk
Ogre Paw (Energy)Repeatable45Villager (White Bear)
Ogre Paw (Experience)Repeatable45Villager (White Bear)
Ogre Paw (Reputation)Reputation45Villager (White Bear)
Oral MessagePrimary44Villager of White Bear Village
Plum Blossom WinePrimary44Shopman
Relative's HeadPrimary46Farmer
Rescue Qiu ZhixianScenario48Qiu Zhixian
Scared White Bear VillagerPrimary44Lee YingqiongThe Secrets of Zhao's PalaceUnseal
Secret of Blue Fire Whip SkeletonScenario48Qi Xia-er
Secrets of Marvelous StonePrimary45Sword Master LinglingziMarvelous Stone
Snake Sword Tao (quest)Elite46Bamboo Hat TaoLooking for Reinforcement
Soaring Flame SpiritScenarioVillage Head
Spider Leg (quest)Primary47Chase Geezer
The Entrust of Grandaunt LeiPrimary47Grandaunt LeiDicephalous Fire Serpent (quest)
The Secrets of Zhao's PalacePrimary44Lee YingqiongInvestigate Front SquareScared White Bear Villager
The Wail in Wood Demon CavePrimary46Village HeadClear Wood Demon Cave
The Whereabouts of Chi ChengziPrimary47Yin SushangFour-hand Yaksha (quest)
Tiger Major (quest)Primary47Madam Golden WhiskWhite Tiger King (quest)
UnsealPrimary44Lee YingqiongScared White Bear Villager
Viper War Giant (quest)Scenario47Sword Master Linglingzi
White Tiger King (quest)Elite47Madam Golden WhiskTiger Major (quest)
Wood Demon Head (Energy)Repeatable46Bamboo Hat Tao
Wood Demon Head (Experience)Repeatable46Bamboo Hat Tao
Wood Demon Head (Reputation)Reputation46Bamboo Hat Tao

Dai's Field questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
A Decisive Battle of StarsScenario55Reputation Merchant
A Scene of Scorpion and SpiderScenario58Loos Graves Keeper
Acesodyne (quest)Primary49Zhao XinyuanElite Bine Monster (quest)
Aim at Super Battle SpiderScenario58Loos Graves Keeper
Ancient Catacomb ExplorationScenario58Loos Graves KeeperAncient Catacomb Key
Ancient Catacomb FragmentScenario55Loos Graves KeeperAncient Catacomb Key
Ancient Catacomb KeyPrimary58Loos Graves KeeperAncient Catacomb FragmentAncient Catacomb Exploration
Appointment in Star TownPrimary49Master HuangImmortal Turtle Beast (quest)
Apprentice of Blaze Skull (quest)Primary57Wife of Muscle-man WeiScout Ichthyoid Cave again
Baiqi's GiftPrimary53Childe BaiqiBattle Chen-Changgu
Battle Chen-ChangguElite53Childe BaiqiSecret of Ichthyoid CaveBaiqi's Gift
Brawny Soldier (quest)Primary54Villager (Clear Water Dam)Jade Robe Heister (quest)
Cateran (quest)Primary50BistroFisherman (quest)
Clean Up Ichthyoid CaveReputation57Wife of Muscle-man Wei
Clean Up the Jail (Energy)Repeatable56Wounded Person
Clean up Dai's Field (Energy)Repeatable52Scholar Yu
Clear up Spider CatacombScenarioLoos Graves Keeper
Collect Material for ArmorPrimary53Childe Baiqi
Collect Material for MedicinePrimary53Childe Baiqi
Collect PanaceaPrimary49Master Huang
Defeat Evil and ViperScenario55Villager (Clear Water Dam)
Demonstrate YourselfPrimary57Wife of Muscle-man Wei
Demonstrate to Baiqi (Reputation)Reputation53Childe Baiqi
Eliminate the Heister HeadElite54Old Man (Clear Water Dam)Brawny Soldier (quest)
Eliminate the last obstacleScenario58Loos Graves Keeper
Elite Bine Monster (quest)Primary49Zhao XinyuanAcesodyne (quest)
Elite Blade Ranger (quest)Primary48Zhao XinyuanElite Masked Heister (quest)
Elite Masked Heister (quest)Primary48Zhao XinyuanElite Blade Ranger (quest)Ninja Stabber (quest)
End of the SoleScenario58Wife of Muscle-man Wei
Evils in Star TowerScenario56Spy in Loos Village
Expel the Brier BeastPrimary49Master HuangImmortal Turtle Beast (quest)
Explore Loo's VillagePrimary55Old Man (Clear Water Dam)Guard of Loo's Village (quest)
Exterminate (Energy)Repeatable54Old Man (Clear Water Dam)
Fight Back the Loo's VillageReputation55Spy in Loos Village
Fight TogetherScenario57Old Man (Clear Water Dam)
Fire Chainball Loosan (quest)Elite56Wife of Muscle-man WeiSudden Strike the JailProtect Young Lady Dengping
Firebolt Wei-Chiyan (quest)Elite51Young Man of Lings MansionSoldier of Chen's Manor (quest)Vice Leader Chen-Chuanggu (quest)
Fisherman (quest)Primary50BistroCateran (quest)
Guard of Loo's Village (quest)Primary55Villager (Clear Water Dam)Explore Loo's VillageOld Field
Secret of Loo's Village
Guard of Screw Bay (quest)Primary56Wife of Muscle-man WeiSudden Strike the Jail
Hero in Star Town (Energy)Repeatable50Tavern Boss
Immortal Turtle Beast (quest)Primary49Master HuangExpel the Brier BeastAppointment in Star Town
Jade Robe Heister (quest)Primary54Villager (Clear Water Dam)Brawny Soldier (quest)
Leftover of Whorl Mountain (Energy)Repeatable48Zhao Xinyuan
Letters to Son-in-LawPrimary52Sir Ling
Ling's CrisisPrimary51BistroOutside Ling's Mansion
Lost Box (quest)Primary54Auctioneer
Madam Golden Whisk's EntrustPrimary48Madam Golden Whisk
Millenary Flame Spider (quest)Scenario58Loos Graves Keeper
Millenary Iron Scorpion (quest)Scenario58Loos Graves Keeper
Nark of Loo's Village (quest)Primary53Scholar YuSecret of Ichthyoid Cave
Ninja Stabber (quest)Primary48Zhao XinyuanElite Masked Heister (quest)Perdition of Whorl Mountain
Old FieldPrimary55Spy in Loos VillageGuard of Loo's Village (quest)Wife of Muscle-man Wei (quest)
Outside Ling's MansionPrimary51Young Man of Lings MansionLing's CrisisSoldier of Chen's Manor (quest)
Pawn of Chen's Manor (quest)Primary52Scholar YuWatcher of Chen's Manor (quest)Wheel Blade Cui-Tianshou (quest)
Perdition of Whorl MountainElite48Zhao XinyuanNinja Stabber (quest)
Pick some Fresh BerryPrimary56Wife of Muscle-man Wei
Protect Young Lady DengpingPrimary56Young Lady DengpingFire Chainball Loosan (quest)
River Bandit (quest)Primary50Bistro
Sapless Brier (Reputation)Reputation49Master Huang
Scout Ichthyoid CavePrimary57Wife of Muscle-man WeiScout Ichthyoid Cave again
Scout Ichthyoid Cave againPrimary57Wife of Muscle-man WeiScout Ichthyoid CaveApprentice of Blaze Skull (quest)
Secret of Ichthyoid CavePrimary50Childe BaiqiNark of Loo's Village (quest)Battle Chen-Changgu
Secret of Loo's VillageElite55Spy in Loos VillageGuard of Loo's Village (quest)
Sentinel of Chen's Manor (quest)Primary52Wounded VillagerWatcher of Chen's Manor (quest)
Soldier of Chen's Manor (quest)Primary51Young Man of Lings MansionOutside Ling's MansionFirebolt Wei-Chiyan (quest)
Spalpeen (quest)Primary50BistroWicked Moocher (quest)
Sudden Strike the JailPrimary56Wife of Muscle-man WeiGuard of Screw Bay (quest)Fire Chainball Loosan (quest)
Transport ProvenderPrimary54Auctioneer
Vice Leader Chen-Chuanggu (quest)Primary51Sir LingFirebolt Wei-Chiyan (quest)
Villager Head's EntrustPrimary48Village Head
Watcher of Chen's Manor (quest)Primary52Scholar YuSentinel of Chen's Manor (quest)Pawn of Chen's Manor (quest)
Wheel Blade Cui-Tianshou (quest)Elite52Scholar YuPawn of Chen's Manor (quest)
Wicked Moocher (quest)Primary50BistroSpalpeen (quest)
Wife of Muscle-man Wei (quest)Primary55Spy in Loos VillageOld Field
Wise Arrest of Jet-arm LuoScenario54Auctioneer

Simen Mountain questsEdit

Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
Abrupt Appearance of EvilPrimary66Taoist Flying RainbowPurple Wing ArrayWind Essence
Absorb Natural EssencePrimary62ApothecaryCollect StingNatural Prime
Another WayPrimary66Taoist Flying RainbowBlack Demon Gravel (quest)
AnxietyPrimary62Moon Dragon PriestIndignation of Mountain GodEnhance Awareness
Approaching DemonsPrimary68Lady LilyFairy Prentice (MDV quest)Support to Monk Class
Armored Ape (quest)Repeatable68Monster EnthusiastPower of Armored Ape
Arrogant Huge Blade BaoElite68Monk HuiEnd of the Black Art
Black Demon Gravel (quest)Primary66Taoist Flying RainbowAnother WayDark Treasure
Black Iron Ore (quest)Primary67Practicer SituObservation Towers
Blue Hair Blademan (quest)Primary68Monk HuiWeird PhenomenonTurn to Wise Man
Borrow PharmacopeiaPrimary62ApothecaryOpen Pharmacopoeia
Break of SpellRepeatable67Iron Arms Lee
Burn Down Spider CavePrimary67Assassin Master JackHorrible Spiders
Butcher HellScenario67Taoist Flying Rainbow
Calculation of Taoist XindziPrimary69Assassin Master JackSplit apart EnemiesDestroy the Joss
Catching Moon Dragon BetrayerPrimary61ApothecaryPursuing Inside Job
Challenge Fallen LibardoScenario66Chase Geezer
Challenge Moon Dragon FighterRepeatable61Bulletin Board
Challenge Moon Dragon GuardRepeatable61Bulletin Board
Challenge Moon Dragon NinjaRepeatable62Bulletin Board
Challenge Moon Dragon Strong ManRepeatable64Bulletin Board
Challenge Moon Dragon WarlockRepeatable63Bulletin Board
Chase Geezer's BodyPrimary63Soul of Chase Geezer
Clean up EvildoersScenario64Moon Dragon Presbyter
Clear up Wicked Ice BabiesPrimary68Fairy Prentice (MDV)Whereabouts of Thunder Spirit PearlPhosphor Staff (quest)
Take the Revenge
Clouds of DoubtPrimary61Prying FellowFurther Investigation
Collect Bat's BloodPrimary63Moon Dragon PriestImprovement of Inner PowerGet Loongwa's Soul
Collect Blue CrystalPrimary62ApothecaryNatural PrimeGet Evergreen Tree
Collect Evil PithRepeatable61Nameless Warrior
Collect Ganoderma GrassPrimary62ApothecaryCollect MannaGet Medicine
Collect Glass CupsPrimary69Sir LuThe Rest TreasuresTop of the Treasure
Collect Ice Silver ThreadsPrimary69Assassin Master JackSeven Treasures of Barbarian MountainThe Rest Treasures
Collect Incomplete Soul JadesPrimary69Sir LuThe Rest TreasuresTop of the Treasure
Collect Lection BookPrimary61Prying FellowCollect Prayer Bead
Collect MannaPrimary61ApothecaryCollect Ganoderma Grass
Collect Moon Dragon Fruit and MuskinessPrimary61Herborizing Apothecary
Collect Nine-level TowerPrimary61ApothecarySeason of Good HarvestGet Muskiness
Collect Poison SpawnsPrimary69Assassin Master JackSeven Treasures of Barbarian Mountain
Collect Prayer BeadPrimary62Prying FellowCollect Lection BookGet Imitation of Six Pneuma Calabash
Collect StingPrimary62ApothecaryAbsorb Natural Essence
Collect Sword SoulsPrimary69Sir LuThe Rest TreasuresTop of the Treasure
Compensation for SwitchPrimary65Prying FellowPlea for HelpNever Do Again
Conclusion of Sacrifice CeremonyPrimary61Moon Dragon PriestSnake Blood for Sacrifice Ceremony
Convoy AnyaPrimary62AnyaFind Missing Anya
Cure Injured VillagersPrimary61ApothecaryMake Musky OintmentMusky Drug (quest)
Cure PatientsPrimary62ApothecaryGet Medicine
Dark TreasurePrimary66Taoist Flying RainbowBlack Demon Gravel (quest)Message about Sad Fire Shi
Deal with EasePrimary66Lady JingExorcism ArrayPurple Wing Array
Defeat Angel Warrior TangScenario68Assassin Master Jack
Destroy the JossPrimary69Assassin Master JackCalculation of Taoist XindziFight against Scorpion Deer Man
DetoxicationPrimary67Practicer SituPoison and Herb
Dispel GhostsPrimary61Master Young
Dream ParadiseScenario68Practicer Situ
Eliminate Fat Badmash's DisturbancePrimary61Hunter ChiefHunter Chief (quest)Eliminate Rumor
Eliminate Malefic HongElite63Moon Dragon PresbyterGet Metal Radix
Eliminate RumorPrimary62Hunter ChiefEliminate Fat Badmash's DisturbanceOrigin of Evil
Enchanted SlavesPrimary67Sir LuSpecial Cure
End of the Black ArtPrimary68Monk HuiPurple Glede Water (quest)Arrogant Huge Blade Bao
Enhance AwarenessPrimary62Moon Dragon PriestAnxietyTurn to Apothecary for Help
Enough EvidencePrimary61Catched Kid
Evil Bone Dragon (quest)Repeatable70Monster EnthusiastPower of Evil Bone Dragon
Evil MountPrimary68Monk PrenticeSupport to Monk ClassWeird Phenomenon
Evils Behind the ScenePrimary61Old SquireHunter Chief (quest)
Exorcism ArrayPrimary66Lady JingFight against Wing DevilDeal with Ease
Exorcism PillsPrimary67Sir Lu
Explore Candor CaveRepeatable68Tamer Tao Huang
Explore Silver Fox CaveScenario63Hunter Chief
Explore Silver Fox Cave TimelyScenario64Hunter ChiefExplore Silver Fox Cave
Exterminate Evildoers in Simen MountainScenario61Sir Moon Dragon
Exterminate HeathendomRepeatable66Chase Geezer
Exterminate Local BullyRepeatable68Sir Lu
Exterminate LoongwaElite65Hunter ChiefResistance to Guly Horn Horse
Face Lava GiantScenario66White Cloud Master
Fairy Prentice (MDV quest)Primary68Master CanApproaching Demons
Fear From HeartElite61Craven Villager
Fight against Deadwood Dragon LiElite66Tamer Tao HuangWind Essence
Fight against Earth CentipedesPrimary67Practicer SituGiant Earth Centipede (quest)
Fight against Halberd Shadow XuanPrimary65Tamer Tao HuangMagic Power of Vision Feather
Fight against Magic Bowl ZhengElite67Sir LuSecret of Candor Cave
Fight against Rhino PantherPrimary65Iron Arms LeeKey to ExterminationMagic Power of Vision Feather
Fight against Scarlet ToadPrimary67Practicer Situ
Fight against Scorpion Deer ManElite69Assassin Master JackDestroy the Joss
Fight against Slab BlademenPrimary65Tamer Tao HuangNever Do AgainGreen Jade Casket (quest)
Kill Twin Wheel PeggyPrimary65Tamer Tao HuangSpecial Summon
Fight against Wing DevilPrimary66Lady JingGhost BreathExorcism Array
Fight against Witchcraft SlavesPrimary67Sir Lu
Fight backPrimary67Assassin Master JackReproduce Sky Poison Insects
Fight for RevengePrimary61Craven Villager
Fight for Snow Soul PearlPrimary66Chase GeezerNinth Basic Essence (quest)
Fill up EnergyPrimary69Monk HuiSeal of Fixed Ming (quest)
Find Astrology Scroll 3Repeatable61Bulletin Board
Find Lost Flying FalchionRepeatable61Bulletin Board
Find Lost GoodsPrimary61Bulletin BoardFind Missing Jewelry
Find Lost Jade HairpinPrimary61Bulletin Board
Find Missing AnyaPrimary62Old SquireConvoy Anya
Find Missing JewelryPrimary61Old SquireFind Lost GoodsStorm Enemy's Den
Find Suitable Crystal GobletPrimary61ApothecaryGet MuskinessMake Musky Ointment
Find Wicked TreasureRepeatable61Bulletin Board
Find lost Ancient BookRepeatable61Bulletin BoardCollect Lection Book
Find lost Ancient Book (primary)Primary62Moon Dragon PresbyterKnow about Inside Story
Fire Eye Beast (quest)Primary65Master CanSearch for the SourceReappearance of Energy Light
Five GuardianScenario68Lady Jing
Flower of OasisPrimary68Fairy Prentice (MDV)Whereabouts of Thunder Spirit Pearl
Four-hand Yaksha (MDV quest)Repeatable68Monster EnthusiastPower of Four-hand Yaksha
Fragment of Secret Magic (quest)Primary69Iron Arms LeeIron Mask
Fresh Fruit for Sacrifice CeremonyPrimary61Moon Dragon Priest
Friend's WishesPrimary61Hunter Chief
Further InvestigationPrimary61Prying FellowClouds of Doubt
Get Evergreen TreePrimary63ApothecaryCollect Blue Crystal
Get Fire RadixPrimary62Moon Dragon PresbyterFind lost Ancient Book (primary)Get Water Radix
Get Imitation of Six Pneuma CalabashPrimary62Moon Dragon PriestCollect Prayer BeadGet Six Pneuma Calabash
Get Loongwa's SoulPrimary63Moon Dragon PriestCollect Bat's BloodGet Occult Fire
Get MedicinePrimary62ApothecaryCollect Ganoderma GrassCure Patients
Get Metal RadixPrimary63Moon Dragon PresbyterGet Wood RadixEliminate Malefic Hong
Get MuskinessPrimary61ApothecaryCollect Nine-level TowerFind Suitable Crystal Goblet
Get Occult FirePrimary63Moon Dragon PriestGet Loongwa's SoulGet Wolf Spirit
Get Page of Silver Fox Cave MapPrimary61Moon Dragon PresbyterHistory of Ancient BookGet Ready for Battle
Get Ready for BattlePrimary62Moon Dragon PresbyterGet Page of Silver Fox Cave MapRemoval of Obstruction
Get RealgarPrimary62Moon Dragon PriestTurn to Apothecary for HelpCollect Bat's Blood
Get Six Pneuma CalabashElite62Prying FellowGet Imitation of Six Pneuma Calabash
Get Water RadixPrimary62Moon Dragon PresbyterGet Fire RadixGet Wood Radix
Get Wolf SpiritPrimary63Moon Dragon PriestGet Occult Fire
Get Wood RadixPrimary63Moon Dragon PresbyterGet Water RadixGet Metal Radix
Ghost BreathPrimary66Tamer Tao HuangFight against Wing Devil
Giant Earth Centipede (quest)Elite67Practicer SituFight against Earth CentipedesObservation Towers
Green Jade casketPrimary65Chase GeezerFight against Stab BlademanSpecial Summon
Guiding DrugsPrimary66Master YanjuHell Dog's PoisonHoly Panacea (quest)
Hell Dog's PoisonPrimary66Master YanjuSpirit of FireGuiding Drugs
Hiding MechanismScenario63Moon Dragon Presbyter
History of Ancient BookPrimary61Moon Dragon PresbyterShow Your TalentGet Page of Silver Fox Cave Map
Holy Panacea (quest)Primary66Master YanjuGuiding Drugs
Horrible EnchantmentPrimary62Hunter ChiefVeins Silver Fox (quest)Remove Curse
Horrible SpidersPrimary67Assassin Master JackBurn Down Spider Cave
Hunter Chief (quest)Primary61Old SquireEvils Behind the SceneEliminate Fat Badmash's Disturbance
Ideology of HeathendomPrimary69Sir LuIron MaskKill Bloodthirsty Mummy Shou
Immortal Crocodile (quest)Primary66Monster EnthusiastPower of Immortal Crocodile
Improvement of Inner PowerRepeatable66White Cloud Master
Indignation of Mountain GodPrimary62Moon Dragon PriestSanction of Moon Dragon PriestAnxiety
Iron Arms Lee's BodyPrimary63Soul of Iron Arms Lee
Iron MaskPrimary69Sir LuFragment of Secret Magic (quest)Ideology of Heathendom
Iron and Steel BodyPrimary65White Cloud MasterThe Fallen Whorl MountainKey to Extermination
Jade Silk for Mountain GodPrimary61Moon Dragon Priest
Key to ExterminationPrimary65Iron Arms LeeIron and Steel BodyFight against Rhino Panther
Kill Bloodthirsty Mummy ShouElite69Assassin Master JackIdeology of Heathendom
Kill Evil Silver FoxScenario62Hunter Chief
Know About Crisis HerePrimary61Prying Fellow
Know History of Moon Dragon VillagePrimary61Moon Dragon Presbyter
Know about Inside StoryPrimary62Moon Dragon PresbyterFind lost Ancient Book (primary)Get Fire Radix
Legend of Nine Color DeerElite61Prying Fellow
Magic Power of Vision FeatherPrimary65Iron Arms LeeFight against Rhino PantherFight against Halberd Shadow Xuan
Make Musky OintmentPrimary61ApothecaryFind Suitable Crystal GobletCure Injured Villagers
Manual of Deciphering (quest)Primary61Prying FellowMoon Dragon Betrayer (quest)Pursuing Inside Job
Master Can's BodyPrimary63Soul of Master Can
Message about Sad Fire ShiPrimary66Taoist Flying RainbowDark TreasureRegain Snow Soul Pearl
Mission of Master YoungPrimary61Master Young
Monster Burma Poison FlyPrimary69Monster Enthusiast
Monster Fire Eye BeastPrimary66Monster Enthusiast
Monster Fungus BabyPrimary69Monster Enthusiast
Monster Ginseng BabyPrimary67Monster Enthusiast
Monster Hell DogPrimary67Monster Enthusiast
Monster Scarlet ToadPrimary68Monster Enthusiast
Monster Wicked Ice BabyPrimary69Monster Enthusiast
Moon Dragon Betrayer (quest)Primary61Prying FellowUrgent SituationManual of Deciphering (quest)
Musky Drug (quest)Primary62ApothecaryCure Injured Villagers
Musky Meat for Mountain GodPrimary61Moon Dragon PriestSnake Blood for Sacrifice Ceremony
Mutation of Black Fire RocksPrimary65Chase GeezerOrigin of Viper HeathendomSearch for the Source
Mystery of IdentityPrimary61Prying FellowUnveiling Identity
Natural PrimePrimary62ApothecaryAbsorb Natural EssenceCollect Blue Crystal
Never Do AgainPrimary65Prying FellowCompensation for SwitchFight against Stab Blademan
News about Thunder Spirit PearlPrimary68Fairy Prentice (MDV)Take the RevengeSeize back Thunder Spirit Pearl
Ninth Basic Essence (quest)Primary66Master YanjuFight for Snow Soul PearlWater against Fire
Observation TowersPrimary67Tamer Tao HuangGiant Earth Centipede (quest)Black Iron Ore (quest)
Open PharmacopoeiaPrimary62Moon Dragon PresbyterBorrow PharmacopeiaCollect Sting
Origin of EvilElite62Hunter ChiefEliminate RumorVeins Silver Fox (quest)
Origin of Viper HeathendomPrimary65Chase GeezerMutation of Black Fire Rocks
Phosphor Staff (quest)Primary68Fairy Prentice (MDV)Clear up Wicked Ice Babies
Plea for HelpPrimary65Chase GeezerReappearance of Energy LightCompensation for Switch
Poison and HerbPrimary67Tamer Tao HuangDetoxication
Power of Armored ApeRepeatable68Monster EnthusiastArmored Ape (quest)
Power of Evil Bone DragonRepeatable70Monster EnthusiastEvil Bone Dragon (quest)
Power of Four-hand YakshaRepeatable68Monster EnthusiastFour-hand Yaksha (MDV quest)
Power of Immortal CrocodilePrimary66Monster EnthusiastImmortal Crocodile (quest)
Power of Silver FoxRepeatable66Monster EnthusiastSilver Fox (quest)
Power of Skeleton FighterRepeatable70Monster EnthusiastSkeleton Fighter (quest)
Presbyter of Witchcraft Slave (quest)Primary67Presbyter of Witchcraft SlaveSpecial CureWitch Master
Punish Taoist XindziScenario67Master Yanju
Purple Glede Water (quest)Primary68ApothecaryRed Roc Grass (quest)End of the Black Art
Purple Wing ArrayPrimary66Lady JingDeal with EaseAbrupt Appearance of Evil
Pursuing Inside JobPrimary61Prying FellowManual of Deciphering (quest)Catching Moon Dragon Betrayer
Quest for TamerScenario68Tamer Tao Huang
Quick ReportPrimary61Prying FellowUrgent Situation
Raging DemonsPrimary67Sir LuSecret of Candor Cave
Reappearance of Energy LightPrimary65Master CanFire Eye Beast (quest)Plea for Help
Red Roc Grass (quest)Primary68Iron Arms LeeTurn to Wise ManPurple Glede Water (quest)
Regain Snow Soul PearlElite66White Cloud MasterMessage about Sad Fire Shi
Removal of CrisisRepeatable69Monk Prentice (MDV)
Removal of ObstructionPrimary62Moon Dragon PresbyterGet Ready for Battle
Remove CurseElite62Hunter ChiefHorrible Enchantment
Reproduce Sky Poison InsectsPrimary67Practicer SituWise Set of Wisdom Word StoneFight back
Rescue Captured ChildScenario61Hunter Chief
Research of Black MagicRepeatable69Lady Lily
Resistance to Evil ApprenticePrimary65Hunter ChiefResistance to Guly Horn Horse
Resistance to Guly Horn HorsePrimary65Hunter ChiefResistance to Evil ApprenticeExterminate Loongwa
Retreat from Ghost TownPrimary69Xiao HuoSeal of Fixed Ming (quest)Split apart Enemies
Reviviscent Green Robe MasterScenario68Tamer Tao Huang
Sacrifice CeremonyPrimary61Moon Dragon Priest
Sanction of Moon Dragon PriestPrimary61Moon Dragon PriestIndignation of Mountain God
Seal of Fixed Ming (quest)Primary69Monk HuiFill up EnergyRetreat from Ghost Town
Search for the SourcePrimary65Iron Arms LeeMutation of Black Fire RocksFire Eye Beast (quest)
Season of Good HarvestPrimary61ApothecaryCollect Nine-level Tower
Secret of Blue Rock LandPrimary68Lady LilyWeird PhenomenonWicked Eidolon
Secret of Candor CavePrimary67Sir LuRaging DemonsFight against Magic Bowl Zheng
Secret of Myth Black PearlElite69Chase GeezerTop of the Treasure
Seize back Thunder Spirit PearlElite68Lady LilyNews about Thunder Spirit Pearl
Seven Color Butterfly (quest)ScenarioMonster Enthusiast
Seven Treasures of Barbarian MountainPrimary69Monk HuiTrapped Xiao HuoCollect Poison Spawns
Collect Ice Silver Threads
Show Your TalentPrimary61Moon Dragon PresbyterHistory of Ancient Book
Silver FoxRepeatable66Monster EnthusiastPower of Silver Fox
Skeleton Fighter (quest)Repeatable70Monster EnthusiastPower of Skeleton Fighter
Skillful DisguisePrimary61Prying Fellow
Snake Blood for Sacrifice CeremonyPrimary61Moon Dragon PriestMusky Meat for Mountain GodConclusion of Sacrifice Ceremony
Solve Crisis In Moon Dragon VillageScenario63Little Girl
Special CurePrimary67Sir LuEnchanted SlavesPresbyter of Witchcraft Slave (quest)
Special SummonPrimary65Iron Arms LeeGreen Jade Casket (quest)Fight against Twin Wheel Peggy
Spirit of FirePrimary66Master YanjuWater against FireHell Dog's Poison
Split apart EnemiesPrimary69White Cloud MasterRetreat from Ghost TownCalculation of Taoist Xindzi
Witch Master
Storm Enemy's DenElite61Old SquireFind Missing Jewelry
Strong OpponentsPrimary67Practicer SituWise Set of Wisdom Word Stone
Support to Monk ClassPrimary68Monk HuiApproaching DemonsEvil Mount
Take the RevengePrimary68Fairy Prentice (MDV)Clear up Wicked Ice BabiesNews about Thunder Spirit Pearl
Tamer Tao Huang's BodyPrimary63Soul of Tamer Tao Huang
The Fallen Whorl MountainPrimary65White Cloud MasterWhereabouts of Devil GorgeIron and Steel Body
The Rest TreasuresPrimary69Assassin Master JackCollect Ice Silver ThreadsCollect Incomplete Soul Jades
Collect Glass Cups
Collect Sword Souls
Top of the TreasurePrimary69Sir LuSecret of Myth Black Pearl
Trapped Xiao HuoPrimary69White Cloud MasterSeven Treasures of Barbarian Mountain
Try New TreasurePrimary61Prying Fellow
Turn to Apothecary for HelpPrimary62Moon Dragon PresbyterEnhance AwarenessGet Realgar
Turn to Wise ManPrimary68Monk HuiBlue Hair Blademan (quest)Red Roc Grass (quest)
Unveiling IdentityPrimary61Prying Fellow
Urgent SituationPrimary61Moon Dragon PriestQuick ReportMoon Dragon Betrayer (quest)
Use of Evil PithPrimary61Nameless WarriorCollect Evil Pith
Veins Silver Fox (quest)Primary62Hunter ChiefOrigin of EvilHorrible Enchantment
Water against FirePrimary66Master YanjuNinth Basic Essence (quest)Spirit of Fire
Weakness of ForcesRepeatable67Master Can
Weird PhenomenonPrimary68Monk PrenticeEvil MountBlue Hair Blademan (quest)
Secret of Blue Rock Land
Whereabouts of Devil GorgePrimary65Tamer Tao HuangThe Fallen Whorl Mountain
Whereabouts of Thunder Spirit PearlPrimary68Lady LilyWicked EidolonClear up Wicked Ice Babies
Flower of Oasis
White Cloud Master's BodyPrimary63Soul of White Cloud Master
Wicked EidolonPrimary68Lady LilySecret of Blue Rock LandWhereabouts of Thunder Spirit Pearl
Wind EssencePrimary66Taoist Flying RainbowAbrupt Appearance of EvilFight against Deadwood Dragon Li
Wise Set of Wisdom Word StonePrimary67Practicer SituStrong Opponents
Reproduce Sky Poison Insects
Witch MasterElite67Assassin Master JackPresbyter of Witchcraft Slave (quest)

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