Skill Talisman Description
Buddha QuakeDiamond Sutragroup attack skill, cause X points damage, shock faint enemies around 5 seconds
Buddha ShieldDiamond Sutradecrease normal damage X points and magic damage by X points caused by enemy in 10 seconds
Fatal BashStaffattack target cause X points damage, produce huge enemy value
Fatal BurningStaffburn target cause X points damage, also cause target fire damage X points in 15 seconds, can attack 3 targets at same time
Fatal CrackStafftransfix target armor with fire, cause X damage. Decrease target defense X points lasting one minute
Fatal ProbeStaffplough around target, cause X damage
Fatal SadnessStaffconfuse target, cause X points damage, also decrease target basic attack X points, last 15 seconds
Free SpellTreasure Looprelease from soul lost status at once
Giant AttackShovelattack target, cause X points damage, also amass one break point
Giant BreakShovelburst break points, cause X points damage and target faint, faint time depends on how many break points amassed
Giant BurstBlack Wood Shovelburst break points, damage depends on how many break points amassed
Giant HaltShovelrange lightning attack, cause X damage, dizzy target for 3 seconds
Giant RaidShovelsneak attack target, cause X points damage, must launch behind the target, amass one break point
Heart FireHeart Lotusincrease buddha attack and fire attack damage X points, last 30 minutes
Heart Lotus (skill)Heart Lotusseat a heart lotus, all enemies in range 200 speed slow down X, also can detect invisible objects, valid for X seconds
MercyBuddha Boneenemy value increase X points with every attack, lasting 30 minutes
Robust SpellTreasure Loopincrease X health points, last 30 minutes, can't coexist with Heart Fire
SacrificeBuddha Boneforce monsters around attack yourself 10 seconds

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