Leftover of Nunnery
Vital statistics
Giver Peach Headstream Village officer
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Glacier Silver Fox *10
Kill Ice Mirror Prentice *10
Kill Ice Mirror Faerie
Level 35
Location Laurel Mountain
Rewards 18800 Experience
9400 Energy
57 Silver 60 Coin

Nun Fly Dragon from Fire Rock Cave in Laurel Mountain and Ice Mirror Faerie from Laurel Wonderland belong to the same junta. They often meet each other in the dark inside Laurel Mountain Laurel Wonderland. Last time when Sword Master Linglingzi passed this place and found out their secret evils, he gave them a lesson, leaving them escape to their own place with injuries. <Player name>, would you please eliminate Ice Mirror Faerie for me?

Peach Headstream Village officer

Quest DescriptionEdit

Please help Peach Headstream Village officer to eliminate the Ice Mirror Faerie hidden in the Laurel Mountain Laurel Wonderland.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

She is still strong although injured. You'd better go there with partners.

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you finished it yet?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Haha, how can Nun Fly Dragon be as arrogant as before without Ice Mirror Faerie!

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