Laurel Mountain, a place beset with towering mountains with plenty of fresh water as well as the ringing songs from birds and different kinds of beautiful flowers, is located to the South of Stone City and is near the Wei's Village. As a famous scenic spot, it enjoys the reputation of "Back Garden of Stone City". But this peaceful and serene atmosphere no longer exists. Long time ago, Poison Dragon General, who had stolen the Millennial Ganoderma and given to Blood Master, escaped to this place for safety. He has gathered members to join to his guilds and organized several juntas by means of his enchantment learned from Blood Master, which made the Laurel Mountain full of foul atmosphere and evils. In recently days, he has come to hide in the Laurel Mountain Laurel Wonderland with a lot of his followers after hearing that many well-known juntas and warriors full of justice wanted to crusade against these evils force. Many famous juntas are on their way here with the firm faith of evicting these heathendom from Laurel Mountain.


Area Monster Name Level
Poison Plant Scarp White Parrot 70
Poison Dragon Puddle Pet Machine Monster 20


Area Monster Name Level
Laurel Hillside & Nine Crook Slope Glacier Silver Fox 35
Evil Machine Monster 37
Elite Peach Spirit 38
Ice Mirror Pond Ice Mirror Prentice 36
Ice Mirror Faerie 36
Machine Hill Elite Machine Giant 38
Machine Master 38
Poison Plant Scarp Gambol Mushroom 38
Elite Meat Ganoderma 39
Ochu Faerie 39
Poison Dragon Puddle Dank Poison Fly 39
Poison Dragon Underling 40
Poison Dragon General 40

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