Quest Type Level Given by Preceded by Followed by
A Child Prodigy of Three GenerationsPrimaryZhu WenGo to See the Doctor
Battle in Laurel WonderlandGuildGuild level 5Stone of Sword
Clear up the Laurel WonderlandReputation35Reputation Merchant
Dark GrassPrimaryRuo Lan
Enemies Get into Laurel RoomPrimary30Ruo LanGo to See the DoctorMachine Monsters
Fight against Golden CamelEliteStrange Machine ManWorry of Machine Man
Fire Rock CavePrimaryRed Flower Grandma Split BodyThe Way to the Immortal PoolFire Squamae
Fire SquamaePrimaryRed Flower Grandma Split BodyFire Rock CaveThe Nirvana
Fortune PondPrimaryPeach Headstream VillagerPurify the Forest
Fortune PondPrimaryRed Flower Grandma Split BodyThe Way to the Immortal Pool
Go to See the DoctorPrimaryZhu WenA Child Prodigy of Three Generations‎Enemies Get into Laurel Room
Great War in Poison Dragon PuddleScenario36Peach Headstream Village officer
Green Spring Gully CrisisRepeatableRuo Lan
Leftover of NunneryScenario35Peach Headstream Village officer
Machine MonstersPrimaryRuo LanEnemies Get into Laurel RoomThe Medicine in Green Spring Gully
Poison Dragon Vitals (quest)Scenario35Peach Headstream Village officer
Purify the ForestPrimaryPeach Headstream VillagerFortune Pond
Real and Imitated Red Flower GrandmaPrimaryPeach Headstream Village officerThe Battle in the Fencing Room
Secret of Laurel MountainReputationReputation Merchant
Set a TrapPrimaryStrange Machine ManWorry of Machine Man
The Battle in the Fencing RoomPrimaryPeach Headstream Village officerThe Machine HingeReal and Imitated Red Flower Grandma
The Black Stone DemonEliteRuo Lan
The Guarding Monster of the PondPrimaryRuo Lan
The Machine HingeElitePeach Headstream Village officerThe Map of Red Flower CaveThe Battle in the Fencing Room
The Map of Red Flower CavePrimaryPeach Headstream Village officerThe Machine Hinge
The Medicine in Green Spring GullyPrimaryRuo LanMachine Monsters
The Mystery of Machine MonsterScenario35Peach Headstream Village officer
The NirvanaEliteRed Flower Grandma Split BodyFire Squamae
The Polluted Peach ForestReputationAssistant Apothecary
The Way to the Immortal PoolPrimaryRuo LanFortune Pond (2)
Fire Rock Cave
Trapping ToolRepeatableZhu Wen
Worry of Machine ManPrimaryStrange Machine ManFight against Golden Camel
Set a Trap

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