Lair of Water Devil
Lair of Water Devil map
Vital statistics
Giver Villager Lisan
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Mad Python *1
Location Beauty Village
Rewards 11400 Experience
5700 Energy
17 Silver 10 Coin
Previous: Disturbance of Water Devil

There is a Lair of Water Devil in the bottom of the river, so we must destroy this lair to exterminate all Water Devils. Now this lair is guarded by a big Water Devil all day. <Player name>, would you please kill this devil?

Villager Lisan

Quest DescriptionEdit

Destroy the lair of Water Devil and kill the big Water Devil.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Wish you good luck!

Ask DialogueEdit

Have you destroyed the lair?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Thanks a lot!

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