Vital statistics
Giver Wounded Panda
Type Primary
Requirements Viper Blood Serum Viper Blood Serum *15
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 3960 Experience
1980 Energy
11 Silver 88 Coin
Previous: Looking for the Injured Panda
Next: Perish the Huge Snake

<Player name>, it's all because I like eating the fresh bamboos here. Please help me. I was poisoned and can't move now. Please get some blood serum from the aberrance bamboo snakes. Thanks!

Wounded Panda

Quest DescriptionEdit

The vipers in the bamboos become more and more furious. The Panda even attacked by them. He wants you to beat down the aberrance bamboo snakes in order to get the blood serum to cure himself.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The toxin in my body can be released only when you get the blood serum from the aberrance bamboo snakes.

Ask DialogueEdit

Did you find the blood serum?


Accomplish DialogueEdit

The blood serum finally come!

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