Kindling on Bramble Hill
Vital statistics
Giver Junior Zhou Yuncong
Type Primary
Requirements Withered Grass Withered Grass *20
Location Tiger Mountain
Rewards 2200 Experience
1100 Energy
6 Silver 60 Coin
Next: Something Fallow in the Bramble

My road to go forward is blocked off by the exuberant bramble. I was thinking about how to clean the bramble. Would you please get some firewood to burn the bramble out?

Junior Zhou Yuncong

Quest DescriptionEdit

Looking for some firewood around here as kindling for Examinee Zhou

Acceptance DialogueEdit

There is much firewood mow around here. We don't need to worry about lack of withered grass.

Ask DialogueEdit

Luckily, firewood helped us. You should be hurry up.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Hehe, thank you for collecting so much firewood for me.

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