Kill the Ghost Wind Tao
Vital statistics
Giver Solitary Ghost
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Ghost Wind Tao Split Body
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 5220 Experience
2610 Energy
16 Silver 20 Coin
Next: Release the Souls from Purgatory

When the Ghost Wind Tao's heelers are killed, it likes he lost he left and right hands. but he has great power because of his ten-thousand-year supernatural exercise. I don't think you can be his opponent only by yourself. You'd better ask some companions come with you.

Solitary Ghost

Quest DescriptionEdit

Beat down the Ghost Wind Tao Split Body in the Cacodaemon Stockade to release the immured spirits.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

Be careful.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

Good man, I don't know how to thank you. I can just render back your kindness in my next life.

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