Information from Iron Arms Lee
Vital statistics
Giver Iron Arms Lee
Type Scenario
Requirements Kill Little Blood Eidolon *15
Kill Senior Blood Eidolon *15
Level 20
Location Green Scarp
Rewards 3720 Experience
1860 Energy
11 Silver 52 Coin
Next: Oral Message from Iron Arms Lee

Justice Junta should be avoid from jealousy and greed. It's really reluctant for you to fight against the evils now, since it's an emergency, I have no other choice but to allow you take the challenge first. Take this Blood Looming Symbol, get to the Lotus Cave and eliminate all the Blood Eidolons. Collect the vigor from the Blood Master in the cave on to the Symbol and bring it back to me.

Iron Arms Lee

Quest DescriptionEdit

Get the Blood Looming Symbol from Iron Arms Lee, and kill the blood eidolon in the Lotus Cave in Green Scarp.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

I think those Blood Eidolon couldn't threat you much.

Recieve Blood Looming Symbol Blood Looming Symbol

Ask DialogueEdit

Be quick please!


Accomplish DialogueEdit

You made it? Haha, this is out of my expectation. Then I will tell you the true story about Justice Junta fight against evils. Thousand of years ago, the Wizard and Monks fight against the evils for twice. Justice Junta earn the both victory. Since then, evil force can't be a trouble for the humans. But the evil ideas spread in the humans. It's like the symbol, if the holder have some evil ideas, then the Blood Master could be revived from this. If you want to find the true Blood Master, I suggest you look around in Sky Village. If you are lucky, some other people will tell you new information.

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