Immortal Centipede (quest)
Vital statistics
Giver Follower of Master Can
Type Elite
Requirements Kill Immortal Centipede
Location Cloud Mountain
Rewards 3000 Experience
1500 Energy
9 Silver 36 Coin
Previous: The Prayer Beads

It seems you have the ability to face down the Immortal Centipede. As we have got back the prayer beads (although just fragments), the Immortal Centipede has became less aggressive than before. But there must be a hard fighting against it if we want to subdue it. My witchcraft is poor so I can't be competent for it. <Player name>, would you like to have a try?

Follower of Master Can

Quest DescriptionEdit

Face Down the Immortal Centipede.

Acceptance DialogueEdit

The Immortal Centipede has been a Prentice of Master Can for a long time, and learn much from him, you should be careful.

Ask DialogueEdit

Go quick and come back quick! You'd better finish it before the master comes back.


Accomplish DialogueEdit

I made such a big trouble. Fortunately you helped me to solve it. Thank you very much. If you have no other things to do, you can go to find White Cloud Master and do a research on the Snake Monster.

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